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Pivot Points ERIC SHANNON 13 At Lally Eric Shannon 13 who simultaneously pursued bachelors degrees in BiochemistryBiophysics and a masters degree in Management was particularly intrigued by the term pivotingmeaning the ability to see where you are know where you want to go and be able to change direction. An athlete adept at snowboarding and hockey and a dedicated student Shannon considered his crowded life and tried to think of ways to make it easier. A fully packed meal on the fly was one answer that came to mind and this led him to develop a nutritional bar that he hoped would gain a toehold in a crowded market. My company introduced our Muffin Bar designed to provide 20 percent of daily nutritional needs in one packaged product says Shannon. Shannons project earned him a Buhrmaster Grant administered through the Severino Center. Shannon and his partner Clinton Smith 12 rolled out the Muffin Bar at three local coffee shops in the spring of 2012. The world did not change but it was all worthwhile nonetheless. Different roads have different forks says Shannon now co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the biotech company VectorGen. I invested quite a lot of time as well as the cost of the ingredients but at the very least I was able to say I had a good learning experience. An Ear to the Ground CHRISTIAN GRIFFIN 13 A native of the Bronx Christian Griffin 13 first visited Rensselaer through the auspices of the STAR program Science Technology Arts at Rensselaer which is aimed at underrepresented minorities and young women. I stayed two nights on campus and absolutely loved it says Griffin. Majoring in industrial engineering Griffin became aware of Rensselaers new masters degree program in Supply Chain Management and decided to pursue a co-terminal degree. Supply chain management looks at strategies and techniques that facilitate manufacturing and move goods effectively. Students are prepared for careers in procurement logistics management general manufacturing operations and consulting. After holding two internships for LOreal the cosmetics giant Griffin was hired full-time by the company as a project engineer. Taking supply chain management is one of the best decisions I ever made says Griffin. I did some research and learned that this is a growing sector. And its a great fit with industrial engineering. One thing we focus on in both majors is optimizing looking at different constraints and optimizing results given those constraints. Its very challenging and very rewarding to see the results of the work that you put in. an agile approach 22