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AT WORK Bridging the Divide ATIF MAJEED 11 Fulbright Scholar Atif Majeed 11 came to Lally from his native Pakistan. He immediately felt at home here. In my class of 45 students 12 different nationalities were represented he says. I never felt any barriers or in any way like a foreigner. Such an open and embracing environment offers valuable opportunities for exchange as evidenced in the Negotiations course that Majeed took. We focused on such issues as how body language works especially in sales says Majeed. For instance we would watch videos in class to study how different gestures in different cultures can carry different implications. During one Negotiations class Majeed and fellow student Sreekanth Venkataraman 10 participated in a particularly lively demonstration of cross-cultural dialogue. Dressed in traditional clothing from their home countries the two explored the roots of the India-Pakistan conflict and ways to remedy it. The event culminated with the class enjoying Gulab Jamum a traditional dessert that is popular throughout the Indian subcontinent proving that nothing brings people together like food. Now back in Pakistan confident in his global perspective Majeed is working as a marketing manager for a university research lab. I jumped in putting to work what I learned at Lally he says. Were about to launch our first product a street lighting solution that uses LED technology and that is capable of reducing energy usage by 85 percent. Well launch it in the local market and then see if we can go global. We would watch videos in class to study how different gestures in different cultures can carry different implications. Bringing Back Good Ideas KAITLYN LOUNSBURY 14 Management major Kaitlyn Lounsbury transferred to Rensselaer from a community college close to home in upstate New York. Expanding her perspective has been a driving force for Kaitlyn. While studying abroad at the University of South Wales in Sydney Australia she joined their Formula SAE chapter building upon her experience with Rensselaers campus club which designs manufactures and markets a Formula-style racecar. Lounsbury is the clubs events and public relations coordinator. I was able to bring back ideas to Rensselaer says Lounsbury like using a master sheet to lay out all the responsibilities more visually. Lounsburys next stop is a summer internship in Beijing with Event Bank a firm founded by a Rensselaer alum that offers technology to help businesses create promote and manage events. Then its back to Rensselaer to continue on for her MBA. If youre willing to take on responsibilities and show leadership skills Lally will give you opportunities that will make a difference says Lounsbury. Theyll recommend you to alumni and put you in line for jobs. Your hard work will be rewarded. a global perspective 18