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Seeing the World HALEY BRYK 15 When it came time for her year abroad Haley Bryk knew just where she wanted to go ESADE Business School in Barcelona. I had studied Spanish all through high school and when I learned that Rensselaer had an affiliated program with ESADE my mind was made up says Bryk who earned her bachelors degree in business management in 2015 and is staying on for her masters degree in supply chain management. At ESADE Bryk took courses in project management sustainability and brand management. I was interested to see what attracts people in Europe versus the U.S. she says. Brand loyalty works similarly on people everywhere as it is psychological in nature but Europeans dont like flashy in-your-face advertising the way people do here. In Europe they like darker subtler colors for instance. Overall Bryk has valued the global perspective she gained at Rensselaer. Lally takes on a good number of international students and their presence informs the classroom she says. She has also found herself putting that global perspective to work in the workplace specifically at Boeing where she has interned for several summers. Many of the suppliers I work with at Boeing are from foreign countries says Bryk and I like feeling that I can relate to people from any part of the world. STUDY ABROAD Rensselaer and the Lally School regard study abroad opportunities as vital to a well- rounded learning experience. Thomas Begley dean of the Lally School has himself enjoyed a number of significant international experiences most recently as dean of University College Dublin UCD Business School Irelands leading school of business. My parents were immigrants so I grew up knowing there was life beyond U.S. borders but it was not until I lived overseas that my eyes were truly opened. Living overseas is a life-changing experience. It broadens your perspective on politics economics culture and the way business is done. We want to make that opportunity available to as many students as possible. Rensselaers under- graduate study abroad experience is known as REACH Rensselaer Education Across Cultural Horizons which enables students to study overseas for a few weeks a semester or a year. Our students learn about countries and cultures that are different from the U.S. make connections across borders and return home with expanded horizons. Lally School students can study in a variety of countries such as Australia Denmark Finland Germany Hong Kong Italy the Netherlands Singapore Spain and the United Kingdom. a global perspective