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In Training WILL GATHRIGHT 12 RYAN MAXFIELD 14 Ryan Maxfield 14 a business and management major who was serving as vice president of the campus Entrepreneurship Club was looking for an opportunity to put that entrepreneurial spirit to work. Thats when he discovered a venture that Will Gathright 12 was trying to move along. Gathright 12 was a fan of the training method known as parkour. Parkour focuses on vaulting rolling running climbing and jumping around obstacles with speed and efficiency in both natural and urban environmentsa great way to stay in shape while living the life of a graduate student but admittedly tough on the hands. They say you build up calluses but I like to use my hands for other things so a friend and I developed gloves that we then started selling through our company Fluescent says Gathright. Nothing too serious and just a minimal investment but Im interested in entrepreneurship and this seemed a good way to learn. Soon enough when magazines like GQ Style started showcasing the gloves orders flooded in and fulfillment became a challenge. Thats where Maxfield came in. It struck me as a small project with so many interesting aspects and so I jumped at the opportunity to help says Maxfield who has simplified fulfillment by turning to Amazon as a sales outlet. While Fluescent might not be Gathrights primary focus he is still invested in it and credits Lallys spirit of teamwork with ensuring its survival. I have friends who go to other business schools where the environment is really cutthroat says Gathright. There is none of that at Lally. There is a real culture of entrepreneurship here and you can always find people to help. There is a real culture of entrepreneurship here and you can always find people to help. a capacity to connect 15