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THE SEVERINO CENTER Some of the most valuable connections on campus are made through the Paul J.69 Kathleen M. Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship. The center guides mentors and coaches student-based start- up businesses connecting those who are starting businesses to resources and networks within and beyond the Rensselaer community. The coming together of Brent Solina 11 a biochemistry and biophysics major and Lally student Mark Lyons 11 is an example of the Severino Center at work. Working with microbial fuel cells Solina developed technology that converts the chemical energy present in wastewater to electricitya potentially planet-saving idea but where to go with it Enter Mark Lyons who worked as a management consultant in the energy field before coming to Lally. The two joined together to form MICROrganic Technologies and working under the wing of the Severino Center won 10000 in the Cleantech Sustainability track at the 2011 New York State Business Plan Competition. Rensselaer offers a truly ideal environment for collaboration says Lyons. Innovations that will change the future generally require more than one discipline. At Rensselaer we can see how interesting it is to get people together who might not normally be thrown together. Bringing His A Game REGGIE COLAS 16 Miami native Reggie Colas who is graduating in 2016 with a co-terminal bachelors degree in business management and masters degree in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship plays to win. As captain of Rensselaers basketball and football teams he has also honed impressive leadership skills which he has put to good use at the Lally School. One of his projects at Lally was a team venture called Dash Share a website and mobile app dedicated to aggregating organizing presenting and in some cases storing geotagged video data to be sold to geographic information science companies. Dash Share also allows general consumers to share their snowboarding biking or traveling adventures with friends. As with most businesses however the road to success has been laden with pitfalls. We had a team of four two of whom were international students says Colas. Right in the middle of things one of our members had to travel home to Bangladesh. For Colas however the experience spelled real growth. With the leadership skills I gained from being a team captain I was able to make sure that our communication with each other was always in place he says. On top of that I attended startup events and was a spokesman for our venture. a capacity to connect