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At Lally we were taught to quantify verify and set a plan. When I was recruited right out of school to work for a large textile mill in market research they told me I got the job because I was quan- titative and analytical and they could use that. At Barclays I see students from all the top schools and those from Lally still tend to be more quantitative with much stronger analytics. CARLOS RECALDE 76 B.S. School of Management Director Enterprise Architecture Barclays Analyze This CHRISTOPHER LOW 12 In 2012 Christopher Low graduated from Rensselaer with a bachelors degree in industrial engineering. The following year returning to campus to attend a friends graduation he found out about Rensselaers new masters degree program in business analytics scrambled to get his application in and never looked back. Business analytics is a burgeoning field that focuses on big data. These data sets which are too large or complex to manipulate using standard methods were collected for years but were never analyzed because industry government and philanthropic organizations lacked the tools and business intelligence to interpret them. Todays technology however allows that data to open up whole new worlds. Chris Low was particularly excited about using IBMS SPSS Modeler a software program that enables companies to make predictions based on these large volumes of data. His fluency with SPSS Modeler resulted in three job offers one of which was from IBM itself. Now in IBMs Consulting by Degrees leadership program Low is currently working on a landmark Apple-IBM collaboration that involves developing an iPad app for a health care client. His second engagement is around developing an app that will promote voter registration in one of our 50 states. Heady stuff indeed and Low gives credit where it is due. I think what Rensselaer offers in generaland what Lally offers specificallyis a business degree that gives you the added touch of technology that you wouldnt get at another school he says. Business and technology are so entwined today and at Rensselaer you get a really strong foundation for whatever your career will turn out to be. Lally gives you the added touch of technology that you wouldnt get at another school.