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FOUNDED IN 1824 Bloomberg BusinessWeek has ranked the Lally School of Management 5 of all business schools on academic quality. Rensselaer is a world in which people come together solve problems and take advantage of a unique kind of synergy. They do this across the disciplinesarchitects working with engineers engineers working with management students management students working with scientists scientists working with artists. At Rensselaer the rich vein of discovery knows no boundaries. Science Architecture Engineering Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Lally School of Management 5SCHOOLS Working at the frontier of todays most critical areas of inquiry our faculty and students dedicate themselves to solving problems of jobs energy health care clean water and sustainability. This is why we attract approximately 100 million in research funding each year and more importantly why the most promising and talented individuals choose to join our community in order to learn how to manage the economy. 5Signature RESEARCH Areas Media Arts Science and Technology Computational Science and Engineering Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Biotechnology and the Life Sciences Energy Environment and Smart Systems Perched on a 275-acre hilltop campus overlooking the Hudson River in Troy in the heart of upstate New Yorks Tech Valley Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has long been a leader in educating men and women in management and technology. We usher along new discoveries and inventions that benefit humankind protect the environment and strengthen economic development shaping the very way we live in the 21st century. Welcome to Rensselaer. Lally School Undergraduate Degree Programs Major in Business and Management with an optional concentration in Accounting Business Analytics Entrepreneurship Finance International Management Management Information Systems MIS Marketing Supply Chain Management Minors in Business Entrepreneurship Finance Management Marketing Lally School of Management Rensselaer provides these core strengths critical to business success 1 an ability to analyze p.6 2 a capacity to connect p.10 3 a global perspective p.14 4 an agile approach p.18 5 a readiness to lead p. 22 Lally School Graduate Degree Programs Masters in Management Concentrations in Business Analytics MIS MarketingNew Product Development Finance Supply Chain Management Technological Entrepreneurship Quantitative Finance and Risk Analytics QFRA Technology Commercialization Entrepreneurship TCE Masters of Business Administration MBA Doctoral Ph.D. Since it was founded more than 50 years ago the Lally School at Rensselaer has educated students in the role that business plays in the human experience. Now with innovation assuming an ever-greater role in our lives Rensselaers Lally School offers a highly personalized business education that is smartly tailored to the 21st century. Lally students differentiate themselves from other business school students. They gain an advantage in recognizing emerging trends and are acutely sensitized to the role innovation plays in business. While the Lally School focuses on the intersection of management entrepreneurship and innovation that focus is placed within a context of broad conceptual knowledge. Lallys genuinely inter- disciplinary environment prepares students for the core elements that are critical to business success rigorous analysis relationships and teamwork a global perspective agility and leadership. Through internships co-ops and study abroad our students are encouraged to expand their learning experience beyond the classroom. In an intimate environment that is so unusual for a business school our students form productive relationships on campus giving them a head start on their path to the marketplace. THOMAS BEGLEY DEAN OF THE LALLY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Rigorous critical analysis which translates into the ability to identify business needs and determine solutions is a hallmark of the Rensselaer approach to decision making. At the Lally School this kind of powerful analysis is central to our programand to the success of our graduates who say that Lally taught them how to think. The ability to analyze both qualitatively and quantitatively emerges out of a broad-based liberal arts foundation that allows students to see the all-important big picture. an ability to analyze Boots on the Ground GREG ROSEN 14 Greg Rosen 14 entered Lally with a proven entrepreneurial track record. At 12 he started a company constructing websites that eventually grew to 500 clients. In his junior year of high school he founded Haptic Pixels a game and application development studio whose Castle Defense has been ranked 27th among all iPhone games. Even with his early success however Rosen found a lot to learn at Lally. I got real boots-on-the-ground stuff here says Rosen who pursued a dual degree in business management and information technology and who has been working in the financial services industry in New York City. Professor Wright changed the way I think. Developing that kind of know-how and confidence is what Intro to Management is all about. Here you walk in a student and walk out a budding professional says Wright. And when you get to your internship or co-op experience youre prepared to think on your feet and do well. Here you walk in a student and walk out a budding professional. FRANK WRIGHT INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT Can you actually teach people to think Frank Wright lecturer in the Lally School believes you can. Wrights legendary course Intro to Management is truly an immersion into a different mode of thinkingthe kind that students will rely upon as they move ahead in the world of business. The course built around Harvard Business School case studies lays in elements of surprise wherever possible. In management we often encounter things weve never seen before says Wright and thats exactly what we want to emulate here. Consider the final presentation of the term in which students going before a panel of business professionals role-play new hires reporting on a challenging problem that the company is facing. Wright ups the ante with the unexpected as when your PowerPoint suddenly wont project or the panel to which youre presenting has only five minutes to hear your pitch instead of the promised 30. Fortunately his students are prepared. They have developed a discipline built on a firm understanding of research methods and an increased capacity for problem solving. an ability to analyze 9 At Lally we were taught to quantify verify and set a plan. When I was recruited right out of school to work for a large textile mill in market research they told me I got the job because I was quan- titative and analytical and they could use that. At Barclays I see students from all the top schools and those from Lally still tend to be more quantitative with much stronger analytics. CARLOS RECALDE 76 B.S. School of Management Director Enterprise Architecture Barclays Analyze This CHRISTOPHER LOW 12 In 2012 Christopher Low graduated from Rensselaer with a bachelors degree in industrial engineering. The following year returning to campus to attend a friends graduation he found out about Rensselaers new masters degree program in business analytics scrambled to get his application in and never looked back. Business analytics is a burgeoning field that focuses on big data. These data sets which are too large or complex to manipulate using standard methods were collected for years but were never analyzed because industry government and philanthropic organizations lacked the tools and business intelligence to interpret them. Todays technology however allows that data to open up whole new worlds. Chris Low was particularly excited about using IBMS SPSS Modeler a software program that enables companies to make predictions based on these large volumes of data. His fluency with SPSS Modeler resulted in three job offers one of which was from IBM itself. Now in IBMs Consulting by Degrees leadership program Low is currently working on a landmark Apple-IBM collaboration that involves developing an iPad app for a health care client. His second engagement is around developing an app that will promote voter registration in one of our 50 states. Heady stuff indeed and Low gives credit where it is due. I think what Rensselaer offers in generaland what Lally offers specificallyis a business degree that gives you the added touch of technology that you wouldnt get at another school he says. Business and technology are so entwined today and at Rensselaer you get a really strong foundation for whatever your career will turn out to be. Lally gives you the added touch of technology that you wouldnt get at another school. Solid Scorer As a guard on the womens basketball team Kelly Piotrowski 14 captain for two straight years has scored in every game. She is equally adept at running up numbers as a dual Math and Management major. Her area of interest has been data analytics within the health care industry which she has studied in-depth as part of her Undergraduate Research Program. She has further honed her quantitative abilities through an internship with TREO Solutions a health care data intelligence and analytics firm. Her experience and expertise have paid off with a full-time job offer from Deloitte in New York City. Rensselaer was just right for me says Piotrowski. Professors have high expectations of you and you have to work hard. But everyone is really helpful and they push you in a good way so consequently you push yourself. an ability to analyze 11 Why has teamwork become such a buzzword in the world of business Because it allows individuals to move away from the traditional definition of power as control or domination and toward a definition that allows for shared authority in pursuit of a common vision. A collaborative team in fact generally achieves greater results than an individual might realize on his or her own. A remarkably powerful tool teamwork is taught in a remarkably powerful way at the Lally School. Here when individuals from various disciplines gravitate to each other the ensuing synergy ignites inspiration. When Meghan Olson 14 began her college career at Rensselaer she didnt expect to end up pitching a new product she helped develop to a panel of judges. But she and classmate Caroline Pitner 14 got 90 seconds to deliver their elevator pitch about a filter to remove arsenic from contaminated drinking waterusing the natural filtering power of cattails. Soon after she came to Rensselaer Olson got the entrepreneurship bug. A class on product design and lectures inspired her to try the Exemplars Program a campuswide initiative for students with a high level of interest in entrepreneurship. I loved the program. It was a great way to get involved in many different entrepreneurial events discussions and lectures she says. a capacity to connect 12 THE SEVERINO CENTER Some of the most valuable connections on campus are made through the Paul J.69 Kathleen M. Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship. The center guides mentors and coaches student-based start- up businesses connecting those who are starting businesses to resources and networks within and beyond the Rensselaer community. The coming together of Brent Solina 11 a biochemistry and biophysics major and Lally student Mark Lyons 11 is an example of the Severino Center at work. Working with microbial fuel cells Solina developed technology that converts the chemical energy present in wastewater to electricitya potentially planet-saving idea but where to go with it Enter Mark Lyons who worked as a management consultant in the energy field before coming to Lally. The two joined together to form MICROrganic Technologies and working under the wing of the Severino Center won 10000 in the Cleantech Sustainability track at the 2011 New York State Business Plan Competition. Rensselaer offers a truly ideal environment for collaboration says Lyons. Innovations that will change the future generally require more than one discipline. At Rensselaer we can see how interesting it is to get people together who might not normally be thrown together. Bringing His A Game REGGIE COLAS 16 Miami native Reggie Colas who is graduating in 2016 with a co-terminal bachelors degree in business management and masters degree in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship plays to win. As captain of Rensselaers basketball and football teams he has also honed impressive leadership skills which he has put to good use at the Lally School. One of his projects at Lally was a team venture called Dash Share a website and mobile app dedicated to aggregating organizing presenting and in some cases storing geotagged video data to be sold to geographic information science companies. Dash Share also allows general consumers to share their snowboarding biking or traveling adventures with friends. As with most businesses however the road to success has been laden with pitfalls. We had a team of four two of whom were international students says Colas. Right in the middle of things one of our members had to travel home to Bangladesh. For Colas however the experience spelled real growth. With the leadership skills I gained from being a team captain I was able to make sure that our communication with each other was always in place he says. On top of that I attended startup events and was a spokesman for our venture. a capacity to connect Across Disciplines The student-faculty collaboration at the heart of the Lally experience becomes especially dynamic when it embraces the interdisciplinary spirit that defines Rensselaer. Lally Professor Aparna Gupta embodies that spirit as her areas of academic interestrisk management financial engineering and financial decision supportdraw on her background in computational mathematics and industrial and systems engineering. Dr. Gupta worked closely with Anthony Giangreco-Marotta 12 a mathematics major economics minor who turned to her for help with his senior research paper after taking her course in risk management. Having interned with the Hanover Insurance Group I decided to become an actuary says Giangreco-Marotta. So I was looking to get more of an actuarial research project and no single person in the math department had that kind of expertise. Thats when I asked Dr. Gupta if she could work with me. Giangreco-Marotta told Professor Gupta that he wanted to study something in the field of insurance and she guided him toward the issue of agricultural risk associated with weather. It was a great experience he recalls. Dr. Gupta did a very good job of helping me focus. For Giangreco- Marotta who was hired by Hanover before graduating Rensselaers interdisciplinary environment has made all the difference. Doors are never really closed for you here he says. You can go anywhere. ItTakesTwoSometimesthespecialenergythatemanatesfromtwopeopleworkingwelltogethercanovercomeallodds.Suchwasthe casewithNancyBota11andKudzanayiMunetsi-Mugomba11second-yearMBAstudentswhoenteredthe2011CaseCompetition oftheNationalBlackMBAAssociationInc.NBMBAA.Asateamoftwotheyfaced25largerteamsfromschoolslikeDukeMIT andBerkeleyandscoredinthetoptieroffinalists.Westuckoutfromthecrowdbecauseitwasjustthetwoofusandwewerein unchartedwatersnotknowingwhattoexpectsaysZimbabwe-bornMunetsi-Mugomba.Butthejudgeswereimpressedwiththe depthwebroughttoanalyzingourbusinesscase. I want teaching to be a learning experience for me too. I dont want to direct students to a place where I know everything. I want to explore together. APARNA GUPTA In Training WILL GATHRIGHT 12 RYAN MAXFIELD 14 Ryan Maxfield 14 a business and management major who was serving as vice president of the campus Entrepreneurship Club was looking for an opportunity to put that entrepreneurial spirit to work. Thats when he discovered a venture that Will Gathright 12 was trying to move along. Gathright 12 was a fan of the training method known as parkour. Parkour focuses on vaulting rolling running climbing and jumping around obstacles with speed and efficiency in both natural and urban environmentsa great way to stay in shape while living the life of a graduate student but admittedly tough on the hands. They say you build up calluses but I like to use my hands for other things so a friend and I developed gloves that we then started selling through our company Fluescent says Gathright. Nothing too serious and just a minimal investment but Im interested in entrepreneurship and this seemed a good way to learn. Soon enough when magazines like GQ Style started showcasing the gloves orders flooded in and fulfillment became a challenge. Thats where Maxfield came in. It struck me as a small project with so many interesting aspects and so I jumped at the opportunity to help says Maxfield who has simplified fulfillment by turning to Amazon as a sales outlet. While Fluescent might not be Gathrights primary focus he is still invested in it and credits Lallys spirit of teamwork with ensuring its survival. I have friends who go to other business schools where the environment is really cutthroat says Gathright. There is none of that at Lally. There is a real culture of entrepreneurship here and you can always find people to help. There is a real culture of entrepreneurship here and you can always find people to help. a capacity to connect 15 Many of the suppliers I work with at Boeing are from foreign countries. I like feeling that I can relate to people from any part of the world. HALEY BRYK In todays global business environment even small- and medium-sized enterprises are looking to take on international markets. All over the world highly focused multinational business teams are trying to stay one step ahead in an open market that prizes innovation. The Lally School is well known for training individuals to address multiple challenges on a global stage. Here students learn to work the worldmaking connections across borders spending time in countries worldwide where economies can be studied up close and bringing home their expertise to share with others. a global perspective 16 Seeing the World HALEY BRYK 15 When it came time for her year abroad Haley Bryk knew just where she wanted to go ESADE Business School in Barcelona. I had studied Spanish all through high school and when I learned that Rensselaer had an affiliated program with ESADE my mind was made up says Bryk who earned her bachelors degree in business management in 2015 and is staying on for her masters degree in supply chain management. At ESADE Bryk took courses in project management sustainability and brand management. I was interested to see what attracts people in Europe versus the U.S. she says. Brand loyalty works similarly on people everywhere as it is psychological in nature but Europeans dont like flashy in-your-face advertising the way people do here. In Europe they like darker subtler colors for instance. Overall Bryk has valued the global perspective she gained at Rensselaer. Lally takes on a good number of international students and their presence informs the classroom she says. She has also found herself putting that global perspective to work in the workplace specifically at Boeing where she has interned for several summers. Many of the suppliers I work with at Boeing are from foreign countries says Bryk and I like feeling that I can relate to people from any part of the world. STUDY ABROAD Rensselaer and the Lally School regard study abroad opportunities as vital to a well- rounded learning experience. Thomas Begley dean of the Lally School has himself enjoyed a number of significant international experiences most recently as dean of University College Dublin UCD Business School Irelands leading school of business. My parents were immigrants so I grew up knowing there was life beyond U.S. borders but it was not until I lived overseas that my eyes were truly opened. Living overseas is a life-changing experience. It broadens your perspective on politics economics culture and the way business is done. We want to make that opportunity available to as many students as possible. Rensselaers under- graduate study abroad experience is known as REACH Rensselaer Education Across Cultural Horizons which enables students to study overseas for a few weeks a semester or a year. Our students learn about countries and cultures that are different from the U.S. make connections across borders and return home with expanded horizons. Lally School students can study in a variety of countries such as Australia Denmark Finland Germany Hong Kong Italy the Netherlands Singapore Spain and the United Kingdom. a global perspective AT WORK Bridging the Divide ATIF MAJEED 11 Fulbright Scholar Atif Majeed 11 came to Lally from his native Pakistan. He immediately felt at home here. In my class of 45 students 12 different nationalities were represented he says. I never felt any barriers or in any way like a foreigner. Such an open and embracing environment offers valuable opportunities for exchange as evidenced in the Negotiations course that Majeed took. We focused on such issues as how body language works especially in sales says Majeed. For instance we would watch videos in class to study how different gestures in different cultures can carry different implications. During one Negotiations class Majeed and fellow student Sreekanth Venkataraman 10 participated in a particularly lively demonstration of cross-cultural dialogue. Dressed in traditional clothing from their home countries the two explored the roots of the India-Pakistan conflict and ways to remedy it. The event culminated with the class enjoying Gulab Jamum a traditional dessert that is popular throughout the Indian subcontinent proving that nothing brings people together like food. Now back in Pakistan confident in his global perspective Majeed is working as a marketing manager for a university research lab. I jumped in putting to work what I learned at Lally he says. Were about to launch our first product a street lighting solution that uses LED technology and that is capable of reducing energy usage by 85 percent. Well launch it in the local market and then see if we can go global. We would watch videos in class to study how different gestures in different cultures can carry different implications. Bringing Back Good Ideas KAITLYN LOUNSBURY 14 Management major Kaitlyn Lounsbury transferred to Rensselaer from a community college close to home in upstate New York. Expanding her perspective has been a driving force for Kaitlyn. While studying abroad at the University of South Wales in Sydney Australia she joined their Formula SAE chapter building upon her experience with Rensselaers campus club which designs manufactures and markets a Formula-style racecar. Lounsbury is the clubs events and public relations coordinator. I was able to bring back ideas to Rensselaer says Lounsbury like using a master sheet to lay out all the responsibilities more visually. Lounsburys next stop is a summer internship in Beijing with Event Bank a firm founded by a Rensselaer alum that offers technology to help businesses create promote and manage events. Then its back to Rensselaer to continue on for her MBA. If youre willing to take on responsibilities and show leadership skills Lally will give you opportunities that will make a difference says Lounsbury. Theyll recommend you to alumni and put you in line for jobs. Your hard work will be rewarded. a global perspective 18 In addition to the Rensselaer REACH program the Lally School has study abroad agreements with important business schools around the world such as Australia Bond University Gold Coast Queensland University of Technology Brisbane Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne Denmark Copenhagen Business School Finland Hanken School of Economics Helsinki Hong Kong Chinese University of Hong Kong Germany WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management Italy Bocconi School of Management Milan The Netherlands Maastricht University Singapore Singapore Management University National University of Singapore Spain ESADE Business School Barcelona A Global Community As a world-class research institution Rensselaer attracts students and faculty from around the globe. The Class of 2018 includes students from 13 countries. Arriving on campus these students find services that help them make a smooth transition into the community. They also find clubs and organizations that allow them to celebrate their cultural legacies among which are African Caribbean Students Association Alianza Latino Latino culture Armenian Students Association Chinese American Students Association Hellenic Students Association Hong Kong Students Association Indian Students Association Iranian Students Association Japanese Students Association Korean Students Association Malaysian Students Association Nigerian Students Association Pakistan Students Association Philippine American League Polish Cultural Club Rensselaer Bengali Community Russian Club Taiwanese Students Association Turkish Students Association Vietnamese Students Association Multiculturalism is not a buzzword at Rensselaer. It is a value that represents the way we live. a capacity to connect 19 an agile approach This is no time in history for fixed modes of thinking. With the world in a feverish race to make new discoveries anyone hoping to enjoy a career in business today must be able to look ahead make predictions forecast intelligently shift shape and turn on a dime when necessary. At Lally that kind of agility is bred in the bone. Lally wants its students to be flexible balanced adaptable and able to coordinate their efforts with others. Our think tank atmosphere goes a long way toward building those qualities. Rensselaer has a very rich culture of invention. We are supporting people on campus who want to change the world through science and technology and the only way they can really do that is by commercial- izing. GINA OCONNOR INVENTION INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP One of the many vehicles by which Lally teaches agile thinking is Invention Innovation and Entrepreneurship a cutting-edge course in new product development. Here students generate an idea for a new product or service and follow the development and planning process from conception to commercialization. Professor Gina OConnor is a leading expert on innovation. Among her influential books are Radical Innovation How Mature Firms Can Outsmart Upstarts Harvard Business Press and Grabbing Lightning Building a Capability for Breakthrough Innovation Jossey- Bass. Rensselaer has a very rich culture of invention says OConnor. We are supporting people on campus who want to change the world through science and technology and the only way they can really do that is by commercializing. Seizing Opportunities KYLE BRODY 14 While at Lally Kyle Brody 14 a dual major in Business and Management and Economics immersed himself in a wide range of activities. After serving as president of the Entrepreneurship Club he then started a campus chapter of Future Business Leaders of America which promotes professional development. He interned at JP Morgan Chase and attended a National Leadership Conference organized by Deloitte with whom he is now working full-time as an analyst in their Digital Marketing and Content practice. At Rensselaer Brody was also involved with a startup called PayWithMe which facilitates peer-to- peer financial transactions through the use of promissory notes and a social credit score. This venture the only one generated by a student group was the big winner at the Tech Valley Startup Weekend in Spring 2012and Brody and his associates walked away with 15000 in prize money. With so many resources on campus such as the Severino Center you get so many different perspectives says Brody and for me that translates into agility. With so many resources on campus... you get so many different perspectives and for me that translates into agility. an agile approach 21 Pivot Points ERIC SHANNON 13 At Lally Eric Shannon 13 who simultaneously pursued bachelors degrees in BiochemistryBiophysics and a masters degree in Management was particularly intrigued by the term pivotingmeaning the ability to see where you are know where you want to go and be able to change direction. An athlete adept at snowboarding and hockey and a dedicated student Shannon considered his crowded life and tried to think of ways to make it easier. A fully packed meal on the fly was one answer that came to mind and this led him to develop a nutritional bar that he hoped would gain a toehold in a crowded market. My company introduced our Muffin Bar designed to provide 20 percent of daily nutritional needs in one packaged product says Shannon. Shannons project earned him a Buhrmaster Grant administered through the Severino Center. Shannon and his partner Clinton Smith 12 rolled out the Muffin Bar at three local coffee shops in the spring of 2012. The world did not change but it was all worthwhile nonetheless. Different roads have different forks says Shannon now co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the biotech company VectorGen. I invested quite a lot of time as well as the cost of the ingredients but at the very least I was able to say I had a good learning experience. An Ear to the Ground CHRISTIAN GRIFFIN 13 A native of the Bronx Christian Griffin 13 first visited Rensselaer through the auspices of the STAR program Science Technology Arts at Rensselaer which is aimed at underrepresented minorities and young women. I stayed two nights on campus and absolutely loved it says Griffin. Majoring in industrial engineering Griffin became aware of Rensselaers new masters degree program in Supply Chain Management and decided to pursue a co-terminal degree. Supply chain management looks at strategies and techniques that facilitate manufacturing and move goods effectively. Students are prepared for careers in procurement logistics management general manufacturing operations and consulting. After holding two internships for LOreal the cosmetics giant Griffin was hired full-time by the company as a project engineer. Taking supply chain management is one of the best decisions I ever made says Griffin. I did some research and learned that this is a growing sector. And its a great fit with industrial engineering. One thing we focus on in both majors is optimizing looking at different constraints and optimizing results given those constraints. Its very challenging and very rewarding to see the results of the work that you put in. an agile approach 22 I entered Rensselaer as an all-scholarship student transferring from a community college. Here I acquired a techno- logicalengineering skill set that was very valuable coming into a Wall Street that was increasingly automat- ed. Now as a hirer I see in current Lally graduates that same grounding around technical rigor and analytic discipline. KEVIN RUEBENSTAHL B.S. Management SystemsEconomics 86 MBA Finance Environmental Policy Management Organizational Behavior 1991 Managing Director The Bank of New York Mellon We put motivated entrepreneurs in a room together and they start acting like CEOs and consulting with each other. Its something to see. JASON KURUZOVICH INTERNET MARKETING Not infrequently newspaper and magazine articles have invoked the metaphor of The Wild West to talk about the Internet full of gold rush opportunities along with a certain level of lawlessness. Jason Kuruzovich associate professor of Management Information Systems and director of the Severino Center guides his students through this new field of business. I try to stress right up front that I dont have all the answers says Kuruzovich. The job of the class is to look at different complexities in the market do some in-the- field learning and bring that learning back to the class. Kuruzovich is also leading the way as a faculty adviser to The Foundry- RPI a working group of entrepreneurs that meets weekly for peer feedback and executes ideas in an environment that promotes reaching for heights but allows for sometimes falling short. The Foundry system was developed by a Rensselaer graduate now at the University of Utah and includes a proven method for structuring business incubation. We put motivated entrepreneurs in a room together says Kuruzovich and they start acting like CEOs and consulting with each other. Its something to see. a readiness to lead 24 5 a readiness to lead Here at Lally women and men prepare themselves to assume leadership roles. They learn how to solve problems make decisions motivate the people they work with achieve consensus respect diversity mediate disputes and forecast trends. They have learned all this and so much more in a community that is invested in helping each and every one of its members realize his or her full leadership potential. AT WORK The Fast Lane JOE COYNE 11 Life in the Internet fast lane That must mean Googlewhere Joe Coyne 11 ultimately landed. Wending his way toward this lofty destination Coyne relied on a quiet mode of leadership tied mostly to his unyielding quest for excellence. While he never particularly saw himself as a leader growing up that all changed for Coyne as he spent time at Rensselaer first as an undergraduate and then in the MBA program. Coyne held an internship with a Lally alumnus who started a company called Ithos Global. Ithos develops software for food and beverage manufacturers to ensure compliance with FDA standards. When Ithos hired me on full-time it was still really small. I was directing three or four other developers and was able to freely voice my technical and business opinions. As gratifying as his Ithos experience was however Coyne kept his eye trained on Google. Its been a long-time dream of mine to work there says Coyne but their hiring standards are incredibly stringent and I never thought I had a chance. Then I met some Google recruiters at a Rensselaer career fair last year and they encouraged me to apply. Now a Corporate Operations Engineer for the Internet giant Coyne takes charge of small teams just as he did at Lally back in the day. I really appreciated all the team efforts at Lally and felt I was able to step up and assume a leadership role holding my team to my own high standards says Coyne. To me those standards are critical to success. I never thought I had a chance. Then I met some Google recruiters at a Rensselaer career fair last year and they encouraged me to apply. Best Foot Forward ALVEY HARRISON 13 There is still no better way to become a leader than to engage in hands-on leadership right in your own backyard. Lally student Alvey Harrison 13 a double major in Design Innovation and Society and Management and now a training coordinator at GlobalFoundries groomed his leadership potential by plunging into campus leadership roles. Harrison never shied away from such roles. In high school he headed up a project that involved taking surplus equipment from the school refurbishing it and donating the equipment back to the community. In his senior year he refurbished nearly 40 computers. At Rensselaer Harrison honed his leadership skills working as a residential adviser. He also applied his interest in product development and management strategies to play an important role in a group project called Simple Steps Protective Footwear. Designing a low-cost shoe with an antimicrobial coating to protect feet from bacteria in areas infested with serious disease Harrison and his teammates were prizewinners in the Rensselaer Change the World Challenge. I think the key to leadership is getting to know who you are managing says Harrison and then taking a transformational approach in order to identify ways to intrinsically motivate people. YING XIA HUI LI Two Lally students from China Hui Li of Harbin and Ying Xia of Wuhan took it upon themselves to establish a Mandarin Club on campus. Their goal was to teach conversational everyday language skillsand to develop a network of relationships i.e. guanxi. Many people want to do business in China and need the language skills we can help them with says Li. We are now teaching between 20 and 30 people on campus Xia reports and we have high school students who come to us biweekly as well. Both women have found Lally to be a school that promotes leadership. There are personal development workshops you can take with alumni who come back to share their experiences as leaders says Xia. There are also personal leadership courses that are specifically geared to management students Li points out. The Mandarin Club itself has proven to be an excellent opportunity for developing leadership skills. Leaders need to train future leaders and since we want to make sure that the club will continue we are training people to be tutors says Xia. I want to become a leader who uses more aspects of myself and my personality and who I really am adds Li. The Mandarin Club is helping me become that kind of leader. Many people want to do business in China and need the language skills we can help them with. HUI LI The Mandarin Club a readiness to lead 27 LearningbyDoingRensselaersrichstudentlifeexperienceonacampuswithoneofthelargeststudent-runorganizationsinthecountryservesasan extraordinaryincubatorforpersonalgrowth.Therearemanyclubsandorganizationstogetinvolvedwithaswellasintercollegiateandintramuralteamsand fraternitiesandsororities.OfparticularinterestisthehonorsocietyEpsilonDeltaSigmaEDS.EDSmembersserveastutorstoLallystudentsandhostlectures oncampusbyleadingexecutives.TheyalsoenjoytheopportunitytotakegrouptripstothecorporateheadquartersofvariousFortune500companies. WhilemembersengageinafullslateofserviceactivitiesincludingafundraisingcancerrunaToysforTotsdriveblooddrivesandmorethereisequalfocus ondevelopingqualitiesofleadership.WewantstudentstounderstandthatthereisresponsibilitythatcomesalongwithhavinganintellectsaysProfessor FrankWright.Itsaresponsibilitytobeasmartpersoninthisworldandthesestudentsknowthat. THE ARCHER CENTER The Lally School has a leg up over many other business schools in that it has a designated resource for leadership development. Founded in 1992 the Archer Centerone of the first of its kind in the nation and a model for universities everywhereteaches essential skills including effective communication a capacity for collaboration conflict management ethical decision making and an appreciation for diversity. Lally students intersect with the Archer Center through a required course sequence in leadership. Here students participate in experiential teamwork and leadership exercises and analyze case studies from the corporate world and the not-for-profit sector that illustrate leadership theory and principles. Students may participate in the Professional Leadership Program taught by corporate executives. This selective yearlong interactive training program emphasizes management and leadership competencies critical to success in todays technology-oriented business world. Team Player PAIGE TRASATTI 16 Paige Trasatti 16 who is majoring in business management followed in the footsteps of her brother J.P. and sister Hannah both of whom attend Rensselaer. This year her close family bond was strengthened even further when Paige joined J.P. who earned his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry on a team that was creating Culture-Shift. Culture-Shift is a device that aids researchers in drug studies allowing cells to be cultivated in conditions that closely simulate the human body. We decided to enter Culture-Shift in Rensselaers Change the World Challenge to learn about how to start up a business says Paige Trasatti. The Change the World competition is a twice-yearly event that supports entrepreneurship education and inspires Rensselaer students to consider ways to improve the human condition. Culture-Shift was named Best of the Best in the 2015 Challenge earning a 5000 grand prize. At Rensselaer people in business learn about science and people in science learn about business says Trasatti who also works with the Severino Center facilitating the efforts of other teams. People in business learn about science and people in science learn about business. Its a responsibility to be a smart person in this world and these students know that. PROFESSOR FRANK WRIGHT a readiness to lead 29 Degree Programs Bachelor of Science in Business and Management 124 credit hours Core course work in management emphasizes basic business skills in finance marketing human behavior computing and organizational analysis and development among others. Skills in quantitative analysis are further developed through core courses in statistics mathematics and science. Additionally courses in the humanities and social sciences develop awareness in a variety of global societal issues. Students are encouraged to pursue a concentration by taking an additional sequence of courses within the man- agement curriculum. Options include Accounting The accounting concentration provides the conceptual framework and the ana- lytical skills required for the understand- ing of general accounting practices. Students learn how to measure analyze and provide quantitative information that is used by managers governments investors and analysts. This concentra- tion offers an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for the CPA exam. Business Analytics The business analytics concentration focuses on using information to develop business insights and influence decision making in organizations. This provides a strong foundation in analytical model- ing and statistical methods as well as skills in data management. It provides hands-on experience through industry projects in applying these skills in data and model-driven decision making in specific business domains such as marketing supply chain management and finance. Entrepreneurship The entrepreneurship concentration focuses on the process of converting innovative ideas to new products and businesses in startup ventures and established firms. This helps prepare students to think outside the box. These courses will further develop students ability to think creatively solve business problems and convert ideas into solutions for the marketplace. Students gain valuable planning and project management skills. Finance The finance concentration focuses on value creation both inside a firm and in the capital markets. It provides students with a strong foundation in the basic finance concepts of risk and return asset allocation portfolio management bond and stock valuation investment decision making capital budgeting derivatives and risk management. This concentration offers an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for the Chartered Financial Analyst exam. International Management The international management con- centration prepares students to lead in this increasingly globalized world. The course work grounds students in the financial economic and political under- pinnings of globalization. The insights gained in these courses are reinforced in the many international modules in the required core courses of the under- graduate degree program. Management Information Systems The management information systems concentration focuses on the use of information technology for value creation in new and established firms. It provides students with the perspectives and skills to understand the role of IT in organizations identify opportunities for IT-enabled business innovations and design develop and deliver the tech- nology infrastructures that enable firms to effectively use IT for value creation. Marketing The marketing concentration provides students with an understanding of what customers want and how to effectively offer products and services to meet this demand. Marketing activities including product research and concept testing are explored. Students learn how busi- nesses need marketing to reach and serve customers in order to successfully achieve their goals or missionwhether these are maximizing sales and profits promoting non-profit organizations or advancing social causes. The Lally School Programs and Resources The Lally School offers a broad range of degree programs and the academic resources to foster achievement within them. Supply Chain Management The supply chain management concentration focuses on the design and management of supply chains in manufacturing and service industries. This concentration equips students with the perspectives and skills to de- sign supply chains develop strategies to optimize supply chain operations and identify opportunities for deploying IT to create effective demand fulfill- ment capabilities in firms. All concentrations focus on the application of analytical methods and well-reasoned decision making to an area of business management. Each concentration requires 3 to 4 courses 4 credit hours each that are approved by a concentration coordinator or academic adviser. Dual Majors Double Degrees The Lally School offers undergraduate students in management the oppor- tunity to seek further specialization in other non-management programs by obtaining dual or double degrees upon graduation. For more information see www.rpi.edudeptlally academicsdual.html. Management Minor Programs The Lally School also offers minor programs in Entrepreneurship Finance Management Marketing For more information on these minor programs see www.rpi.edudeptlally academicsminors.html Combined Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor J.D. Degree The Lally School offers a combined Bachelor of Science and Juris Doctor J.D. degree in management and law. This six-year plan of study prepares students to handle complex legal management issues in todays technology-driven world. Graduates may work as corporate administrators or attorneys private practitioners or as elected or appointed public officials. Students accepted into the man- agement-law program may choose to complete their law course work at either Albany Law School or Colum- bia Law School each with their own application process. Rensselaer is one of the 22 universities participating in the Accelerated Interdisciplinary Legal Education AILE program with the Columbia University School of Law. Rensselaer nominates exception- ally motivated third-year students for acceptance at Columbia Law School. Other law schools where top perform- ing students have applied and been accepted include Cornell Harvard Stanford Virginia and Chicago. Graduate-Level Programs Masters in Management Concentrations in Business Analytics MIS Marketing New Product Development Finance Supply Chain Management and Technological Entrepreneurship Quantitative Finance and Risk Analytics QFRA Technology Commercialization Entrepreneurship TCE Masters of Business Administration MBA Doctoral Ph.D. Resources EVE The Emerging Ventures Ecosystem EVE at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute accelerates the growth of new businesses and boosts the transfer of scientific and technological break- throughs from the laboratory and class- room to the marketplace for social and economic impact. As Rensselaers incubator EVE links its institutional resources and alumniae expertise symbiotically with community strengths to enable Institute-related startups to grow. The Paul J. 69 Kathleen M. Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship SCTE The mission of the SCTE is to expose every Rensselaer student to the practices and principles of entrepre- neurship and to extend Rensselaers leadership and national prominence in technological entrepreneurship. SCTE implements this mission by Providing and supporting opportuni- ties to learn fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and study historical cases of successful entrepreneurs Providing opportunities to listen to interact with and work with experi- enced entrepreneurs Helping students with ideas for new innovations to find resources for com- mercializing their ideas and helping students who are seeking business opportunities to find and initiate them Guiding mentoring and coaching student-based startup businesses Connecting students who are starting businesses to resources and networks within and beyond the Rensselaer community. Startup Tech Valley Startup Tech Valley is a monthly community meet-up in downtown Troy powered by the SCTE that brings together students first-time entrepre- neurs experienced entrepreneurs investors mentors employees of startups and service providers. The event gives early startups a platform to address the community. Rensselaer Technology Park This technology park located just five miles south of the Rensselaer campus is operated by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The park has nearly 70 ten- ants representing a diverse range of technologies and employing more than 2100an outstanding venue for Lally School internships. Student Sandbox The Student Sandbox is a location in the Lally School where startup teams can meet access resources and use office equipment to advance their business venture. Rensselaer Entrepreneurship Intern Program REIP REIP is designed to assist MBA students in understanding the opportu- nities and challenges of working within a startup or early stage company. Students engage in 10-to-14-week intensive internships with selected entrepreneurial firms gaining firsthand experience in working with manage- ment challenges typically faced by startups. Center for Financial Studies CFS The CFS fosters high-quality teaching and research in the fields of corporate finance financial intermediation capi- tal markets risk analytics and financial engineering. The center hosts distin- guished speakers from academia and business for The Rising Stars Conference a showcase held every other year of research by leading younger scholars. Each session in the event is led by an internationally established scholar and each papers discussion is led by a leading scholar in the field. The Jerome S. Reinert 56 Visiting Executive Series. Finance Area Research Seminars. CFS also sponsors several important competitions The Buttonwood Club Annual Debate Competition about a current important issue in the financial industry. Cash prizes. The CFS Annual Modeling Competition in which participants solve a timely and important topic in the quantitative financial area. Cash prizes are awarded along with an invitation to the national IAFQ Modeling Competition. Competitions The Lally School and its faculty support Lally students in a number of exciting competitions including Rensselaers Business Model Com- petition. 15000 in cash prizes and in-kind services. Rensselaers Change the World Challenge. A biannual contest to develop innovative technological ideas with the potential of changing the world. 10000 in prizes each semester. New York State Business Plan Competition. This newly expanded statewide competition offers more than 500000 in prizes. Class of 51 Entrepreneurship Fund. An annual competition for Rensselaer undergraduate and graduate students to encourage early development of entrepreneurial ideas. 5000 in prizes. A Network of Achievers Across the globe Lally graduates have distinguished themselves in finance consulting marketing human resources accounting and all kinds of entrepreneurial endeavors. Beyond the graduates that Lally claims as its own many Rensselaer students pass through the Lally portal taking courses that send them in exciting new directions. M ary Hum iston 90 Vice PresidentofH um an ResourcesRollsRoyce London. Tawheed Kader06 Founderand CEO of ToutApp em ail m anagem entand analyticscom pany. Teri Kozikowski 85 Managing Director and Human Resources Leader Marsh US Canada at Marsh McLennan Companies. Sarah Xu 99 Founderchairm anand presidentofShanghaiY T OutdoorM anufacturing Co.Ltd. BrendanMcKernan00 Presidentandco-founder ofCourtagenLifeSciences Inc.Previouslyhewasa co-founderofAgencourt BioscienceCorporation andAgencourtPersonal Genomicswhereheover- sawtheimplementation andexecutionofthe companysoperational strategy.In2006hewas namedtheWilliamF. Glaser53Rensselaer EntrepreneuroftheYear. Matt Levatich 87 President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company and elected to the Harley-Davidson Board of Directors. RaviBhatkal94 Servesasvice president EnergyTechnologiesat Alphaa unitofCookson Perform ance M aterials where he hasresponsibility fornew businesscreation in the alternative energy and energyefficiency value chains. SeanOSullivan85 Co-founderandmanaging directorofAvego Corporationformerly co-founderpresident andchairmanofMapInfo Corporation. NON PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE RENSSELAER Montreal Troy Philadelphia Pittsburgh Boston NYC Toronto CANADA Rensselaer Admissions Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 110 8th Street Troy NY 12180-3590 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute complies with all federal state and local nondiscrimination laws and provides equal opportuni- ties for all persons regardless of race color religion sex sexual orientation gender identity gender expression age marital sta- tus national origin citizenship status disability military status veteran status or any other basis prohibited by law. 2015 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. All rights reserved. Rensselaer at a Glance Rensselaer educates the leaders of tomorrow for technologically based careers. We celebrate discovery and the responsible application of technology to create knowledge and global prosperity. Schools Rensselaer offers more than 110 programs at the bachelors masters and doctoral levels. Undergraduates can choose from among 38 majors and 63 minors. School of Architecture School of Engineering School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Lally School of Management School of Science Faculty Rensselaer faculty members include National Science Foundation Presidential Faculty Fellows members of the National Academy of Engineering the National Academy of Sciences and other eminent professional organizations. Enrollment Fall 2014 Undergraduate Students 5557 Resident Graduate Students 1204 Our students represent 49 states and 65 countries around the globe. Class of 2018 69 graduated in top 10 of high school class 14 awarded Rensselaer Medal SAT mid-50 range 1300-1490 A-B average high school GPA Student Life 23 varsity teams and more than 50 intramural and club sports. 200 student clubs and organizations operate under a student-controlled budget of 8 million. Location Rensselaer occupies a 275-acre hilltop campus overlooking the Hudson River in Troy New York. Were located in the heart of New Yorks Capital Region putting a world of cultural and recreational opportunities within reach. This area offers both a relaxed lifestyle and easy ac- cess to the high-energy metropolitan centers of the Northeast. Follow Us