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When you get to HASS you quickly realize that the interplay between art and science is everywhere. We listen to music on our phones. We read books on electronic readers. The Mona Lisa turns up as a screensaver. As a HASS student you are part of a collaborative environment that brings together art and science in ways that allow you to follow your passion whatever that passion might be writing science studio art economics or any combination you can think of. Here at HASS you will engage in the critically important work of building the intellectual bridges from the liberal arts to the wide variety of disciplines within science and engineering architecture and management and cultivating your own brand of whole-brain thinking. Consider how the interaction between art and science figures prominently in these signature programs Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences GSAS. While developing the skills necessary to become leaders in game development GSAS students also examine the social impact and cultural context to prepare them to succeed in the emerging simulation industry. Electronic Media Arts and Communication EMAC. Employing the most advanced digital technologies EMAC students explore multimedia from an artistic technological and societal perspective. From artists and philosophers to cognitive scientists and game designers HASS graduates become players in a global economy that requires intellectual versatility creative flexibility and the capacity to confront complex problems in bold new ways. Rensselaer doctoral student Zach Layton was one of 14 recipients chosen to receive the prestigious 2015 Grant to Artists from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in recognition of his groundbreaking work and potential. Composer performer visual artist curator and educator Layton explores emergent visual and auditory phenomena occuring in space time sound and light. the interplay of art and science colors the way we live today