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Resources Rensselaer and HASS enjoy world-class one-of-a-kind facilities. Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center EMPAC EMPAC founded by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is an international hub for art performance science and technologyoffering adventurous interdisciplinary public events support for artists and scholars engaged in creative research and the resources of a state-of-the art facility for digital media production research and performance on the Rensselaer campus. Indeed the New York Times calls EMPAC a technological pleasure dome for the mind and senses dedicated to the marriage of art and science as it has never been done before. Interdisciplinary Collaboration Studios HASS Interdisciplinary Collaboration Studios support a variety of teaching research and collaborative activities. The studios include spaces for working with robotics product design and fabrication and 3-D printing. Visualization Animation Simulation Technology VAST Studio The VAST Studio provides students with access to professional-grade digital imaging animation and game development tools in a unique classroom environment. The studio is equipped with HD projection surround sound high-end workstations and a full array of softwarea full suite of Autodesk applications Adobe Creative Cloud Unity Unreal Engine ArcGIS and many othersthey can expect to encounter in a professional environment. Intermediate Advanced Computer Music Laboratory Both the intermediate and advanced computer music labs allow professional production of electronic computer music and other special audio. The intermediate lab equipped with Macintosh Workstations loaded with the latest audio software is a classroom space for electronic music and other interactive art topic courses. The advanced lab is a single workstation studio with digital audio and video-post production systems capable of producing multi-track audio and video including surround sound. Emergent Reality Lab The Emergent Reality Lab is a platform for research in virtual reality and mixed reality combining the real world with immersive virtual environments and the immersion of storytelling and gameplay. The environment is equipped with three large 3-D rear-projection screens motion tracking and surround sound. Advanced Graphics Production Studio This studio is a high-end computer graphics and printing center that supports student projects in advanced imaging computer graphics printing laminating pre-press work and video capture. Large-format archival printing photo film scanning video post production high-performance document scanning and ink jet printing are all available for student use.