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Out There HASS alumni can be found all over the world actively engaged in some of the most exciting work in the field today. Many of them also feel a strong sense of loyalty to their alma mater and are open to making connections with new graduates. John Lonski73 M anaging directorand chiefeconom istof M oodys CapitalM arkets Research Group.H is com m ents on credit m arketconditions and the business cycle appeardaily in M oodys CreditTrends and weekly in the W eekly Credit Outlook publication of M . PeterVan Inwagen 65 Am erican analytic philosopherand the John CardinalOH ara Professor ofPhilosophy atthe U niversity ofN otre Dam e. H e is one ofthe leading gures in contem porary m etaphysicsphilosophy ofreligionand philosophy ofaction. Marie Rarieya Ph.D. 07 Program ofcer in the Soil Health Training Program at the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Kenya Africa. M ike DelPrete 01 as the presidentand founderofAgora Gam es a wholly owned subsidiary ofM ajorLeague Gam ing has spearheaded projects forclients including M icrosoftSonyActivision BlizzardN intendoTH Q and Konam i. JimDetjen70 KnightProfessorof JournalismatMichigan StateUniversity. Formerlyanaward- winningscienceand environmentalreporterfor thePhiladelphiaInquirer Detjenisalsoco-founder andpastpresidentofthe SocietyofEnvironmental Journalists. Outlook publication of Hector Postigo Ph.D. 06 Associate professor in the Department of Broad- casting Telecommuni- cations and Mass Media at Temple University. His book The Digital Rights Movement the Role of Technology in Subverting Digital Copyright was published by MIT Press in 2012. Klaus Hubacek Ph.D.00 Fullprofessoratthe U niversity ofM aryland College Park. VirginiaEubanks Ph.D.04 Associateprofessorinthe DepartmentofWomens StudiesatSUNY-Albany. EubanksbookDigital DeadEndFightingfor SocialJusticeinthe InformationAgewas publishedbyMITPress in2010.