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provides a basis for action. The program at Rensselaer is one of the few in the world that offers degrees from baccalaureate to doctoral levels. Degree programs offered through the STS Department emphasize the cultural historical economic political and social dimensions of scientific and technological society with a focus on ethical and values issues. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. Ph.D. ResearchConcentration Areas Biology medicine and society Environment and society Engineering design and society Information and society Law values and public policy Sustainability Studies Sustainability studies is the newest degree program within HASS and responds to national and global developments that have made sustainability a key public concern. The program weaves together techniques and insights from the humanities and social sciences with knowledge from the natural sciences and engineering to address environmental problems. From the humanities and social sciences students learn the history of environmental thought and law and study current environmental controversies sustainable pathways and design. They also complete a technical optiona suite of four courses in disciplines such as biology geology or physics to develop technical expertise. Degree Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Energy pathways Food systems Green cities Environment and health Environmental justice Education for sustainability INTERDISCIPLINARY PROGRAMS Electronic Media Arts and Communication The EMAC program is a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses in communication as well as in digital art and animation video electronic music and graphic design supported by Rensselaers strong technological infrastructure. The program offered jointly by the Department of the Arts and the Department of Communication and Media encourages EMAC students to be creative problem solvers critical thinkers team leaders and entrepreneurs who will use technology in innovative ways in industry art and education giving our graduates a flexible advantage in todays challenging economy. Degree Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Digital storytelling Graphic design Marketing communication and design Sound design and popular culture Design Innovation and Society Rensselaer offers one of the worlds only design programs based in a Science and Technology Studies department providing deep insight into the human dimensions of design problems and solutions. The program revolves around a sequence of studio courses where students work individually and in interdisciplinary teams to devise innovative design solutions. The studio sequence is supplemented by a range of relevant social-science and humanities courses that explore the relationships among science technology and society. This creative design program specializes in designing for under-served communities as well as in understanding social and environmental pitfalls to traditional consumerist design practices. Degree Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Minimizing construction waste Employing culturally relevant digital technologies in teaching K-12 Greening of major league sports Advanced materials to aid mobility of the elderly Aiding rural farmers using appropriate pasteurization technology Employing information technologies to reduce voting errors Dual Degree Options Mechanical engineering Business and management Communication Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences Rensselaers undergraduate GSAS program prepares students to capitalize onand successfully navigatethe explosive growth in the continually evolving games phenomenon. Interactive technology is finding application in fields as diverse as education national defense biomedicine and physical fitnessto name just a few and the potential for the industry is nearly limitless. The Rensselaer program combines theory and practice along with a strong emphasis on collaborative interdisciplinary teamwork. Graduates are equipped with the design technical communication and leadership skills needed to enter this exciting field and make an instant impact. Degree Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Video game hardware and software Animation Human-computer interaction Computer science Managemententrepreneurship Cognitive science Dual Degree Options Art Cognitive science psychology Communication Computer science Business and management