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Cognitive Science Cognitive science is the scientific study of mind brain and intelligence.This Rensselaer department is one of only a few departments in the world staffed with a core of cognitive-science oriented psychologists philosophers and computer scientists and is widely regarded as a leader in the area of computational cognitive modeling. Faculty research interests include computational cognitive modeling artificial intelligence human and machine reasoning computational linguistics perception and action theoretical neuroscience cognitive robotics cognitive engineering and advanced synthetic characters. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. Ph.D. ResearchConcentration Areas Computational cognitive modeling Artificial intelligence and cognitive robotics Perception and action Cognitive engineering Dual Degree Options Computer science Games and simulation arts and sciences Mathematics Communication and Media The Communication and Media Department offers the study of traditional and emerging communication technologies from a variety of perspectives including communication studies rhetorical studies human-computer interaction media and game studies technical communication composition and graphic design. In addition to theoretical study and research our graduates produce usable and appealing content for contemporary communication contexts. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. Ph.D. ResearchConcentration Areas Human-computer interaction and usability design Multimedia production Branding and advertising Internet technology Technical writing and editing Graphic and interaction design Economics The Economics Department offers courses both in classic fieldssuch as introductory economics microeconomics macroeconomics econometrics and international economicsand specialized fields such as the economics of technological change the economics of energy research and development monetary theory and policy and financial regulation. Our courses in economics impart general knowledge of microeconomic and macroeconomic processes of tools for economic analysis and of specific knowledge relevant to informed decision making about business decisions research and development processes and the environment. A deeper understanding of economics helps our graduates to move from being buffeted by forces outside their control to understanding and influencing the forces around them. Degrees Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Modern economic theory Environmental economics Natural resource economics International economics Economics of innovation Electronic Arts The electronic arts program combines traditional studio and theory courses in the fine arts with electronic arts disciplines. The program familiarizes students with the full range of creative digital media and allows them to select areas of concentration in such fields as visual arts animation computer music sound art video and emerging media arts and technology culture. The degree is designed for students who aspire to careers as practicing artists with an interest in math science and technology. Degrees Offered B.S. MFA Ph.D. ResearchConcentration Areas Visual arts and animation Computer music and sound art Video and emerging media Art technology and culture Portfolio Required Philosophy Philosophy is a search for understanding and wisdom through inquiry into fundamental questions. Through research and reflection philosophy seeks to answer humanitys eternal questions What is the nature of human consciousness How are right and wrong determined Does God exist What is time Is there only one way to reason Each student develops a plan of study in one of three general areas below. Undergraduates complete a capstone experience in philosophy an in-depth investigation and thesis into an area of philosophy. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Reasoning computation and mind Philosophy of science and mathematics Philosophy of human values and culture Psychology The field of psychology uses scientific methods and procedures to study all aspects of behavior and cognitive processes. The department offers a broad understanding of knowledge and skills within areas such as motivation perception learning memory personality and social interaction. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Brain and behavior Cognitive modeling Community and health psychology Human factors Perception and action Dual Degree Options Computer science Electronic media arts and communication Engineering Mathematics Business and management Science and Technology Studies Science and technology studies STS asks fundamental questions about the role of science and technology in social and environmental change integrating insights from the humanities and social sciences into a coherent body of knowledge that The School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Program and Academic Details