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We can use communication to promote more responsible choices. The Power of Communication Before enrolling in a course in Cross-Cultural Graphics Katie Francouer 12 had not considered how culture permeates communications. What we make and what we communicate is interpreted through aspects of our cultural backgroundrace religion gender disabilitiesand once we understand that we can use that to get across what we want to say Francouer pointed out. For the class Francouer created a digital book that started with an image of her apartment. With each passing page the contents pointed to aspects of her own cultural background for instance her foundation make-up revealed her white skin color and her high heels indicated her female gender. Francouers work was featured in an exhibit titled Design for Humanitys Sake which featured student work that used creative problem solving to respond to such social and environmental problems as HIVAIDS sustainability water-shortage hunger and literacy. Capitalizing on her classroom research Francouer has also been involved in the Triple Helix Project. As a HASS student Francouer learned what a powerful tool communication can be in serving the greater good. In class we always talked about how everything has a consequence and how we can use communication to promote more responsible choices to encourage more people to vote to fight against the spread of AIDS to persuade people to take a better path than just buying more stuff Francouer said.