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There are things to be discovered here Economics Professor Ken Simons keeps a running list of the students who have done hands-on work helping him collect data for research projects over the past decade. There are more than 100 names on that list and it grows every semester. One of those students is Thomas Carter a member of the class of 2015 with a dual major in math and economics. In the summer and fall of 2013 Carter worked with Simons to gather historical data about the evolution of the laser industry. Professor Simons intends to use that data to create a comparison case for the solid-state or LED lighting industry. Carter has pored through years- and decades-old laser industry publications to learn when different types of lasers and certain features became available and later when they disappeared from the market. The major goal of Professor Simons research is to tell the stories of technological disruptions and provide insight for emerging industries. When there are big shifts in the types of technologies being used who wins and who loses and whats the story of that shift he asks. Working on a real-life application for the economic theories hes learned in the classroom has enriched Carters understanding of and passion for economics. Before I saw the broad strokes now I see the nitty gritty he said. Ive gained valuable insight into what I could do with my life and where my education could take me. For Carter unearthing the secrets locked in the historical data is an exciting and worthy undertaking. There are things to be discovered here that I have a chance to see first he said.