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HASS is committed to finding solutions that endure. Our world has limits but our imagination does not. Good thing toobecause it is imagination creativity and our capacity to problem solve that enable us to come up with sustainable solutions. The idea of sustainability pervades all of Rensselaers five schools. Our engineers scientists and architects grapple with the impacts of our planets dwindling resources as do faculty and students in HASSin the work they do to confront some of the planets most intractable problems understanding that whole-brain thinking sees sustainability less in terms of eitheror choices and more in terms of bothand challenges. HASS has recently introduced an undergraduate major in sustainability studies. This program integrates a comprehensive conceptualization of sustainability that equips students with practical real-world skills that will make them competitive in the job market. Sustainability is something HASS wants to get done 33 HASS is committed to finding solutions that endure sustainable solutions 16