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AT WORK Your Refrigerators Talking DAN ZOLLMAN 11 Dan Zollman 11 transferred to Rensselaer from the University of Rochester where he had studied engineering. I was interested in engineering because of design and problem solving and I felt I could better find that at Rensselaer. At Rensselaer Zollman connected with the Design Innovation and Society DIS program which allows for hands-on problem solving around issues that concern user-centered design. He did a number of independent studies that focused on psychology human behavior and anthropology looking at questions like how people interact with tools and how to design environments that incorporate a better understanding of human behavior. The professors are really expert Zollman said. They have a lot of insight into the social sciences and how human behavior relates to technology. Working with Professor Dean Nieusma Zollman researched ubiquitous computing which has to do with the ways in which computers are imbedded into furniture and buildings. I imagined how people might live in the future if their appliances could send messages to them he said. Ubiquitous computing is now informing Zollmans work life. He served as an information architect for Vanguard Investments in New York Citypart of a team that is developing websites for clients. At HASS I did a lot of research into the human-computer relationship and what Im doing now at Vanguard is examining how people interact with a websitehow they process information and the psychological biases that enter into that said Zollman. career 13