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My fondest experience was meeting and collaborating with other great artists on campus. There is such a rich environment of talented people. Zoom In Zach Appio 15 followed his brother Frank to Rensselaer with the idea of expanding on their video pursuits. At that time Frank had launched an independent music label and Zach started making music videos for the artists. At Rensselaer the Appio brothers both majored in electronic media arts and communication. Here on campus Zach worked to develop his skills through a variety of projects including serving as part of a music video production team that involved the completion of over 20 music videos for independent musicians. He also co-created the short film The Baby Monitor with his brother which went on to win numerous awards and has been featured on PBS TVFilm Series. At Rensselaer Zach found an environment that was ideal for nurturing his talent. I took classes with Kathy High he says who was a great influence with a really supportive attitude. Zach even wound up becoming a guest lecturer in Professor Highs Digital Filmmaking class where he talked about professional freelance work that he have been involved in and that he plans to continue after graduation. To do what I do I needed to connect with animators and electrical engineers who could help me figure out special effects says Zach. At Rensselaer there was no problem doing that. Theart_xinitiativeisdesignedtohelpstudentsseethewaythatartemploysscienceandtechnologyaswellastoseetheartinscience andtechnology.Onewaythatart_xmanifestsitselfinHASSisthroughSensibilitiesWritingXDisciplinesaseminardesignedbyartistand ethnographerTomieHahnoftheArtsDepartmentandneuroscientistAliciaWalfoftheCognitiveScienceDepartmentincollaborationwith JohannesGoebeldirectorofRensselaersextraordinaryartsvenueEMPAC.SensibilitiesWritingXDisciplinesdrawsfromthetremendous resourcesofEMPACtoinspirestudentstocultivatewritingskillsthroughthethemeofthesensesperceptiondrawinguponarangeof physiologicalpsychologicalculturalmetaphoricalandartisticnuances.Duringthesemesterstudentsenjoyopportunitiestoobserveunique artsciencepresentationsandperformancesinanintimatesettingatEMPACprovidingrichexperiencesfordiscussionsandwriting.Classes includereadingscienceandarttextsaswellaswritingworkshopsthathelpdevelopauthorialvoiceandencourageexperimentation. art science 11