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Simultaneously the oldest technological school in the country and the most modern school of technology in the U.S. PRINCETON REVIEW FOUNDED IN 1824 Rensselaer is a place where people come together to take advantage of a unique kind of intellectual synergy. At Rensselaer architects work with engineers engineers work with management students management students work with scientists and scientists work with artists to explore discover create and problem solve. At Rensselaer the rich vein of creative convergence and discovery runs deep. Science Architecture Engineering Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Lally School of Management 5SCHOOLS 5Signature RESEARCH Areas Media Arts Science and Technology Computational Science and Engineering Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Biotechnology and the Life Sciences Energy Environment and Smart Systems Working at the frontier of todays most critical lines of inquiry Rensselaer faculty and students contribute to a growing knowledge base that makes possible more informed choices regarding energy and job creation clean water health care and sustainability. This is why we attract approximately 100 million in research funding each year and more importantly why the most talented and promising individuals choose to join our community. Perched on a 275-acre hilltop campus overlooking the Hudson River in Troy in the heart of upstate New Yorks Tech Valley Rensselaer has long been a leader in educating men and women in science technology and engineering. With a recognized record of transferring emerging technologies from the laboratory into the real world we catalyze new discoveries and inventions into solutions that address todays grandest challenges. The work we do here seeks to benefit humankind protect the environment and strengthen and expand economic development. Welcome to Rensselaer. HASS Degree Programs Arts Bachelor of Science B.S. in Electronic Arts Master of Fine Arts M.F.A. in Electronic Arts Doctorate Ph.D. in Electronic Arts Cognitive Science Bachelor of Science B.S. in Cognitive Science Bachelor of Science B.S. in Philosophy Bachelor of Science B.S. in Psychology Doctorate Ph.D. in Cognitive Science Economics Bachelor of Science B.S. in Economics Master of Science M.S. in Ecological Economics Values Policy Communication and Media Bachelor of Science B.S. in Communication Master of Science M.S. in Communication Rhetoric Master of Science M.S. in Technical Communication Master of Science M.S. in Human- Computer Interaction Doctorate Ph.D. in Communication Rhetoric Science Technology Studies Bachelor of Science B.S. in Design Innovation and Society Bachelor of Science B.S. in Science Technology Society Bachelor of Science B.S. in Sustainability Studies Master of Science M.S. in Technology Society Master of Science M.S. in Ecological Economics Values Policy Doctorate Ph.D. in Technology Society Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science B.S. in Electronic Media Arts and Communication Bachelor of Science B.S. in Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences The School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Rensselaer develops whole brain thinkers by integrating five areas of focus 1 the interplay of art and science p.6 2 preparation for a rewarding career p.10 3 a commitment to enduring solutions p.14 4 close facultystudent connections p.16 5 social responsibility p.20 Are you creative and artistic Or rational and scientific At Rensselaer you can be both. Rensselaers School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences HASS offers a unique and vibrant liberal arts experience within the nations oldest technological university. HASS at Rensselaer prepares whole-brain thinkers who can tackle complex problems and become leaders in a diverse global community. A liberal arts education at Rensselaer combines critical thinking skillsthe ability to see the big picture ask the right questions and situate a course of action within the larger social and cultural context with the technical know-how to turn creative and critical thinking into reality. As a HASS student you will live and work at the crossroads of science and art linking the insights of one discipline with the knowledge youve acquired from the other. From that interdisciplinary vantage point you will develop an understanding of the connections between technology and society find the path to more sustainable choices and put your talents to work building a better world. From HASS you can go anywhere. MARY SIMONI DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES When you get to HASS you quickly realize that the interplay between art and science is everywhere. We listen to music on our phones. We read books on electronic readers. The Mona Lisa turns up as a screensaver. As a HASS student you are part of a collaborative environment that brings together art and science in ways that allow you to follow your passion whatever that passion might be writing science studio art economics or any combination you can think of. Here at HASS you will engage in the critically important work of building the intellectual bridges from the liberal arts to the wide variety of disciplines within science and engineering architecture and management and cultivating your own brand of whole-brain thinking. Consider how the interaction between art and science figures prominently in these signature programs Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences GSAS. While developing the skills necessary to become leaders in game development GSAS students also examine the social impact and cultural context to prepare them to succeed in the emerging simulation industry. Electronic Media Arts and Communication EMAC. Employing the most advanced digital technologies EMAC students explore multimedia from an artistic technological and societal perspective. From artists and philosophers to cognitive scientists and game designers HASS graduates become players in a global economy that requires intellectual versatility creative flexibility and the capacity to confront complex problems in bold new ways. Rensselaer doctoral student Zach Layton was one of 14 recipients chosen to receive the prestigious 2015 Grant to Artists from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in recognition of his groundbreaking work and potential. Composer performer visual artist curator and educator Layton explores emergent visual and auditory phenomena occuring in space time sound and light. the interplay of art and science colors the way we live today PERCEPTION AND ACTION The interconnections between art and science permeate all programs within HASS. Doctoral candidate Jon Matthis discovered this when he went from his undergraduate liberal arts degree program in philosophy to the Rensselaer graduate program in cognitive science. When I was studying philosophy I was very interested in the metaphysical gap between the mind and body said Matthis. In the cognitive science department I study the relationship between sensation perception and action. It is essentially the same question now Im coming at it with different tools. Matthis does his research in the Perception and Action PandA Laboratory directed by Professor Brett Fajen. The PandA lab uses technology like motion capture and virtual reality to conduct experiments between physical behavior and the mind. Using an obstacle course projected onto the lab floor and motion capture cameras to record the movements of participants as they navigate the course Matthis is researching the basic visual information the mind needs to maintain efficient walking motion over rough terrain. A Different Drummer MICHAEL WEISSMAN 11 Michael Weissman 11 grew up playing the drums and guitar and has always had an interest in digital music recording. When I was recording myself I thought that as a musician I could make the recording programs better he says. To do that I would need to add a knowledge of computer science and programming to my understanding of what all the features do and what would be desirable. At Rensselaer Weissman earned a dual degree in electronic media arts and communication EMAC and computer science. Weissman found that this combination gave him technical skill and flexibility to try new things. In one class for instance Weissman built a drum equipped with sensors programmed to activate lights in response to his drumming. Today Weissman is a technical support engineer at Disney Animation Studios where he has helped realize such blockbuster movies as Tangled and Frozen. He has come to see that his combination of skills and experience has made it possible for him to succeed in the job. They need people who are coders but who can also figure out whats next in the pipeline and how we can improve on it Weissman says. To be honest I dont think Id be where I am without the degree and relevant experience I got from EMAC and computer science. art science 9 The exploration of the intersections allows us to become more creative flexible and resourceful about the way we think about life and nature. KATHY HIGH of life processes. This interdisciplinary practice encourages reflection upon the role of art and science in society providing new insights into ethical debates and the future of our species. This interest which evolved out of early work filming medical documentaries is explored through many contexts such as in her course Eco Chic Living Art which focuses on such topics as environmentalism food art body art and more. This course offers us a different lens to look through says Professor High. I found that in this class we had much more extensive discussions about ethics and philosophy than is possible in a biology lab. BIO-ART Among those working at the intersection of technology art and science few unite these disciplines in a more innovative fashion than Kathy High professor of arts. For the past 20 years Professor High has produced experimental documentaries that look at a wide spectrum of issues dealing with carefrom womens health to interspecies telepathic communications. Today Professor High works in the emerging field of Bio-Art biology and art which she describes as an arts practice that involves collaboration with living systems and an examination My fondest experience was meeting and collaborating with other great artists on campus. There is such a rich environment of talented people. Zoom In Zach Appio 15 followed his brother Frank to Rensselaer with the idea of expanding on their video pursuits. At that time Frank had launched an independent music label and Zach started making music videos for the artists. At Rensselaer the Appio brothers both majored in electronic media arts and communication. Here on campus Zach worked to develop his skills through a variety of projects including serving as part of a music video production team that involved the completion of over 20 music videos for independent musicians. He also co-created the short film The Baby Monitor with his brother which went on to win numerous awards and has been featured on PBS TVFilm Series. At Rensselaer Zach found an environment that was ideal for nurturing his talent. I took classes with Kathy High he says who was a great influence with a really supportive attitude. Zach even wound up becoming a guest lecturer in Professor Highs Digital Filmmaking class where he talked about professional freelance work that he have been involved in and that he plans to continue after graduation. To do what I do I needed to connect with animators and electrical engineers who could help me figure out special effects says Zach. At Rensselaer there was no problem doing that. Theart_xinitiativeisdesignedtohelpstudentsseethewaythatartemploysscienceandtechnologyaswellastoseetheartinscience andtechnology.Onewaythatart_xmanifestsitselfinHASSisthroughSensibilitiesWritingXDisciplinesaseminardesignedbyartistand ethnographerTomieHahnoftheArtsDepartmentandneuroscientistAliciaWalfoftheCognitiveScienceDepartmentincollaborationwith JohannesGoebeldirectorofRensselaersextraordinaryartsvenueEMPAC.SensibilitiesWritingXDisciplinesdrawsfromthetremendous resourcesofEMPACtoinspirestudentstocultivatewritingskillsthroughthethemeofthesensesperceptiondrawinguponarangeof physiologicalpsychologicalculturalmetaphoricalandartisticnuances.Duringthesemesterstudentsenjoyopportunitiestoobserveunique artsciencepresentationsandperformancesinanintimatesettingatEMPACprovidingrichexperiencesfordiscussionsandwriting.Classes includereadingscienceandarttextsaswellaswritingworkshopsthathelpdevelopauthorialvoiceandencourageexperimentation. art science 11 It takes a unique set of skills set to succeed in todays fiercely competitive global marketplace. These include a rigorous and disciplined approach to your work the ability to function as part of a team an appreciation of diversity the capacity to communicate effectively using multiple different media and an ease with technology. At HASS you acquire all of these skills which helps explain why our students find interesting and exciting careers when they complete their studies here. 2 a Rensselaer degree points you toward a powerful and rewarding career AT WORK Your Refrigerators Talking DAN ZOLLMAN 11 Dan Zollman 11 transferred to Rensselaer from the University of Rochester where he had studied engineering. I was interested in engineering because of design and problem solving and I felt I could better find that at Rensselaer. At Rensselaer Zollman connected with the Design Innovation and Society DIS program which allows for hands-on problem solving around issues that concern user-centered design. He did a number of independent studies that focused on psychology human behavior and anthropology looking at questions like how people interact with tools and how to design environments that incorporate a better understanding of human behavior. The professors are really expert Zollman said. They have a lot of insight into the social sciences and how human behavior relates to technology. Working with Professor Dean Nieusma Zollman researched ubiquitous computing which has to do with the ways in which computers are imbedded into furniture and buildings. I imagined how people might live in the future if their appliances could send messages to them he said. Ubiquitous computing is now informing Zollmans work life. He served as an information architect for Vanguard Investments in New York Citypart of a team that is developing websites for clients. At HASS I did a lot of research into the human-computer relationship and what Im doing now at Vanguard is examining how people interact with a websitehow they process information and the psychological biases that enter into that said Zollman. career 13 AT WORK Dunk Shot TREVOR PHILLIPPI 15 Two things that Trevor Phillippi 15 has especially loved in his lifetime are basketball and hackathons. A four-time intramural A-League basketball champion Phillippi has also been a winner of top awards at such hackathons as PennApps Fall 2014 and HackBrown Spring 2015. Upon his graduation from Rensselaer Phillippi won the biggest prize of all a full- time job as a product designer at Facebook. On my hackathon projects I was the designer and I worked with computer science students to build interesting products in short periods of time says Phillippi. He won a top award from Facebook in 2014 for an iOS app called Walk With Me designed to address personal safety issues on college campuses which paved his way to his future employer. When I first entered Rensselaer I thought I wanted to do animation with computer design on the side Phillippi recalls. Then I saw that there was a world between art and science that is inhabited by designers. People were needed who could make interfaces look better and build prototypes and collaborate with engineers and thats what I learned to do at Rensselaer. And thats exactly what my job at Facebook is all about. People were needed who could make interfaces look better and build prototypes and collaborate with engineers and thats what I learned to do at Rensselaer. career 14 AT WORK Playing for Keeps MATTHEW NEBEL 11 Digital games are emerging as one of the major cultural forms of the 21st century and Rensselaers Games and Simulations Arts and Sciences GSAS is one of the top-ranked game design programs in the country. The degree prepares students for careers in the games industry and simulation research providing them with the technical skills and creativity to help shape this rapidly evolving field. Matthew Nebel 11 an avid gamer from age 4 chose Rensselaer because it offered this major. During his time on campus Nebel learned specific computer languages and principles of game design but most importantly he learned a team approach to his work. You have a year or two of program- ming on your own then you have to do group projects and figure out how that works Nebel says. On the game side I learned how the different roles fit together artist programmer designer and what notand how the finer points of programming for games function and how they differ from conventional programming. Fresh out of college Nebel landed a job as a quality assurance engineer with San Francisco-based game- maker Kixeye where he now works as a senior software engineer. I dont think Id be where I am now if I didnt go to RPI Nebel says. It gave me the skills that allowed me to jump right into a lead position in a small company. It helped me get on my feet its nice to be able to interact with developers and understand what theyre talking about and being able to go into code and fix it myself is neat. GameFestFoundedbyRensselaerin2004GameFestisyetanotheropportunityforHASSstudentstomakeconnectionswith theworkingworld.Thisregionalshowcaseofstudent-designedcomputergamesisaforumtodiscusscurrenttopicsintheworld ofgamedesignandsimulationandachanceforstudentstoconnectwithtopplayersintheindustry. Inadditiontoajuriedcompetitiontheeventintroducesstudentstophilosopherscomputerscientistsartistsandcognitive scientistswhoareconductingresearchingamedesigndevelopmentandproduction.GameFestoffersuniqueopportunitiesfor interdisciplinaryjuncturesandcooperationamongtheartsandculturalstudiessocialsciencescomputersciencesengineering andemergingtechnicalresearchininformationtechnology. HASS is committed to finding solutions that endure. Our world has limits but our imagination does not. Good thing toobecause it is imagination creativity and our capacity to problem solve that enable us to come up with sustainable solutions. The idea of sustainability pervades all of Rensselaers five schools. Our engineers scientists and architects grapple with the impacts of our planets dwindling resources as do faculty and students in HASSin the work they do to confront some of the planets most intractable problems understanding that whole-brain thinking sees sustainability less in terms of eitheror choices and more in terms of bothand challenges. HASS has recently introduced an undergraduate major in sustainability studies. This program integrates a comprehensive conceptualization of sustainability that equips students with practical real-world skills that will make them competitive in the job market. Sustainability is something HASS wants to get done 33 HASS is committed to finding solutions that endure sustainable solutions 16 PDI PDI leverages the power of a combined undergraduate degree in design innovation and society with a minor or major in another field typically mechanical engineering management computer science or communication. The core of PDI is an interdisciplinary studio sequence that teaches students to bridge the disciplines to create new products services and media in the context of social needs and environmental concerns. The studios develop students skills in using computers and digital modeling techniques as well as in drawing visualizing communicating and working togetherall that is necessary to put their creativity to work as leaders of design and innovation. Students have explored ideas from medical applications for the iPad to affordable home water filtration systems for undeveloped countries. Repairing the World EBEN BAYER AND GAVIN MCINTYRE Ecovative Design the brainchild of Eben Bayer 07 and Gavin McIntyre 07 both dual majors in mechanical engineering and production design and innovation PDI has emerged as a legendary story of Rensselaer ingenuity and initiative. Founded in 2007. Ecovative is a pioneer in the design development and testing of new high-performance materials grown from 100 percent agricultural waste and biodegradable mycelium. Based on Green Island near Troy Ecovative now employs upward of 65 people and many of them are Rensselaer graduates. Seeking an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional insulation Bayer found his inspiration in his roots on his family farm in Vermont. Remembering the way mycelium or mushroom roots bonded together he began experimenting with that material. Bayer and McIntyre teamed up entered Rensselaers Change the World Challenge and emerged as prize-winners. Spurred by their success they moved their experiments to Rensselaers business incubator and started to attract grantors investors and customers. By 2009 Ecovative was ready to launch its first commercial product mushroom packaging. The trade publication Packaging World which featured Ecovative on its cover in July 2011 suggested that the company is poised to be a game changer in various industries and Bayer and McIntyre have been named to the 2014 Forbes 30 Under 30 list of top young innovators in the category of Manufacturing and Industry. HASS is home to many distinguished facultyartists writers composers musicians scientists economists researchers thinkers and innovators. And all of our students undergraduate and graduate alike get to work closely and collaboratively with them. Within HASS great attention is paid to each and every individual student ensuring that needs are met problems are solved when they are encountered and passions are ignited. We often find that the mentoring relationships developed here change the lives of everyone involved. I came to understand that the least possible motion indicates life and musical ability. PAULINE OLIVEROS at Rensselaer students and faculty make powerful connections Donna Li 15 who came to Rensselaer from Hong Kong to study civil engineering took several courses in Deep Listening and felt its effect profoundly. I heard from peers that it was really interesting she says and its completely different from what I usually do which is all about math and numbers and logical thinking. Deep Listening helps heighten my awareness at all times. Especially during science and engineering projects it inspires me to approach questions in different creative ways and therefore improves my problem-solving skills. For Everyone Anywhere Pauline Oliveros professor of practice is an internationally acclaimed composer and performer. Over 40 years ago she developed a music theory called Deep Listening which she has described as listening with your whole body. Deep Listening focuses conscious attention on environmental and musical sound and subscribes to the belief that music should be for everyone anywhere. In 2014 Rensselaer established the Center for Deep Listening to educate people within and outside the Rensselaer community about the practice of Deep Listening and the ways it can be harnessed to enhance creativity and understanding. Deep Listeningcan connect the varying disciplines within the humanities says Tomie Hahn director of the center. Students who have already taken Paulines courses in Deep Listening have discovered that the practice offers a different perspective and can unlock new ways of approaching problem-solving in fields like science and engineering Hahn says. With the establishment of the Center for Deep Listening we hope to make this ear-opening experience available to more Rensselaer students. 4 Deep listening inspires me to approach questions in different creative ways and therefore improves my problem-solving skills. faculty students 19 COGROBOTICS LAB Imagine a gathering place in which faculty and students research problem solve conceptualize what does not yet exist and well play in the highest sense of that word. With that picture in mind you have Rensselaers CogRobotics Lab presided over by Bram Van Heuveln lecturer in the department of cognitive science. This is where students from all different disciplines can come together and develop interesting independent study Professor Van Heuveln said. On a typical day the lab is bustling with activity. In one corner Mei Si assistant professor of cognitive science is working with students who have constructed a small robot from a Roomba vacuum with the idea of turning it into a storyteller for children. Instead of having an avatar on a screen were extending it with this platform Professor Si explained. The character will approach you and talk and express human-like emotions. In another part of the lab Kota Weaver 15 is conferencing with peers on his project a centralized network in the home to assist people with physical disabilities. I want this to be useful to stroke victims and people with severe arthritis so they can have more independence within their homes said Weaver. There are things to be discovered here Economics Professor Ken Simons keeps a running list of the students who have done hands-on work helping him collect data for research projects over the past decade. There are more than 100 names on that list and it grows every semester. One of those students is Thomas Carter a member of the class of 2015 with a dual major in math and economics. In the summer and fall of 2013 Carter worked with Simons to gather historical data about the evolution of the laser industry. Professor Simons intends to use that data to create a comparison case for the solid-state or LED lighting industry. Carter has pored through years- and decades-old laser industry publications to learn when different types of lasers and certain features became available and later when they disappeared from the market. The major goal of Professor Simons research is to tell the stories of technological disruptions and provide insight for emerging industries. When there are big shifts in the types of technologies being used who wins and who loses and whats the story of that shift he asks. Working on a real-life application for the economic theories hes learned in the classroom has enriched Carters understanding of and passion for economics. Before I saw the broad strokes now I see the nitty gritty he said. Ive gained valuable insight into what I could do with my life and where my education could take me. For Carter unearthing the secrets locked in the historical data is an exciting and worthy undertaking. There are things to be discovered here that I have a chance to see first he said. We all know that knowledge is power. In HASS we believe that power should be shared for the common good. The liberal arts education we deliver to our students emerges from an understanding that social and ethical issues permeate all disciplines and activities in the world. HASS programs prepare students to confront the social and ethical dimension of global challenges poverty disease discrimination environmental decline and access to educationand develop solutions that benefit the common good. social responsibility is woven into the fabric of a HASS education social responsibility 22 Instead of following orders I want to be giving the orders so I can direct the movement of engineering Opening a window In his first year at Rensselaer Nick Lawrence 13 took a class in Environment and Society. The class talked about problems caused by things like industrial agriculture and energy production Lawrence said. It ripped away the veil of a working society. It showed me that there are a lot of things that arent right with the world...and thats what got me into sustainability studies. Lawrence ultimately became one of the first students to enroll in a fledgling undergraduate program in sustainability studies leading to a dual degree in engineering and sustainability studies. I liked that the professors in my sustainability studies major pushed me to think critically Lawrence said. There was a theme of being responsible of understanding the society around you. The teachers didnt seem to tell you what to thinkthey didnt give their own opinions about whats rightthey tried to get you to think yourself about right and wrong. His work in sustainability studies has in fact molded his view of the future. Instead of following orders I want to be giving the orders so I can direct the movement of engineering Lawrence said. Theres a lot our country could do right now but the improvements must be driven by policy. I see a place where I can apply what Ive learned. We can use communication to promote more responsible choices. The Power of Communication Before enrolling in a course in Cross-Cultural Graphics Katie Francouer 12 had not considered how culture permeates communications. What we make and what we communicate is interpreted through aspects of our cultural backgroundrace religion gender disabilitiesand once we understand that we can use that to get across what we want to say Francouer pointed out. For the class Francouer created a digital book that started with an image of her apartment. With each passing page the contents pointed to aspects of her own cultural background for instance her foundation make-up revealed her white skin color and her high heels indicated her female gender. Francouers work was featured in an exhibit titled Design for Humanitys Sake which featured student work that used creative problem solving to respond to such social and environmental problems as HIVAIDS sustainability water-shortage hunger and literacy. Capitalizing on her classroom research Francouer has also been involved in the Triple Helix Project. As a HASS student Francouer learned what a powerful tool communication can be in serving the greater good. In class we always talked about how everything has a consequence and how we can use communication to promote more responsible choices to encourage more people to vote to fight against the spread of AIDS to persuade people to take a better path than just buying more stuff Francouer said. On the Ground At Rensselaer social responsibility is part of the curriculum and part of the culture. On any given day students and staff are planning and executing dozens of community projects. This is the side of Rensselaer that unfolds between classes on weekends and late into the night as the Institute acts on its commitment to shape the world beyond campus borders. Projects for commitments range from fundraising to a work study job that stretches over a students entire academic career. Sylvia Forrest 12 an EMAC major who focused on animation and games was one such student who viewed work study as an opportunity to make a difference. It seemed to me that a good way to do work study was to get out there and help people she said. With that in mind she joined Tutor Time. Tutor Time is a free program that meets every Saturday at two Troy locations to work with students who need academic help. The kids range in age from pre-K to 12th graders but mostly theyre middle schoolers said Forrest who was with Tutor Time for all four of her years in HASS. We help them with their homework and test preparation in all subjects. As with any community service project the benefits of Tutor Time go both ways. You have to be fairly patient and it really helped me improve my skills at communicating Forrest pointed out. Triple Helix Project With the support of a 2.9 million National Science Foundation grant Science and Technology Studies Professor Ron Eglash is enlisting Rensselaer students in examining the links between research in STEM Science Technology Engineering and Math fields and the social issues facing local low-income and minority communities. In one aspect of the project Rensselaer students who serve as teaching fellows and researchers in public school classrooms teach principles of math using designs embedded in relevant cultural artifacts like African American cornrow braids urban graffiti and Native American beadwork. Katie Francouer working with elementary age students taught them how to use plotting points on a graph to create designs. For their own final project the students entered their designs in a computer program and then used a bead loom to create the images. social responsibility 25 Cognitive Science Cognitive science is the scientific study of mind brain and intelligence.This Rensselaer department is one of only a few departments in the world staffed with a core of cognitive-science oriented psychologists philosophers and computer scientists and is widely regarded as a leader in the area of computational cognitive modeling. Faculty research interests include computational cognitive modeling artificial intelligence human and machine reasoning computational linguistics perception and action theoretical neuroscience cognitive robotics cognitive engineering and advanced synthetic characters. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. Ph.D. ResearchConcentration Areas Computational cognitive modeling Artificial intelligence and cognitive robotics Perception and action Cognitive engineering Dual Degree Options Computer science Games and simulation arts and sciences Mathematics Communication and Media The Communication and Media Department offers the study of traditional and emerging communication technologies from a variety of perspectives including communication studies rhetorical studies human-computer interaction media and game studies technical communication composition and graphic design. In addition to theoretical study and research our graduates produce usable and appealing content for contemporary communication contexts. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. Ph.D. ResearchConcentration Areas Human-computer interaction and usability design Multimedia production Branding and advertising Internet technology Technical writing and editing Graphic and interaction design Economics The Economics Department offers courses both in classic fieldssuch as introductory economics microeconomics macroeconomics econometrics and international economicsand specialized fields such as the economics of technological change the economics of energy research and development monetary theory and policy and financial regulation. Our courses in economics impart general knowledge of microeconomic and macroeconomic processes of tools for economic analysis and of specific knowledge relevant to informed decision making about business decisions research and development processes and the environment. A deeper understanding of economics helps our graduates to move from being buffeted by forces outside their control to understanding and influencing the forces around them. Degrees Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Modern economic theory Environmental economics Natural resource economics International economics Economics of innovation Electronic Arts The electronic arts program combines traditional studio and theory courses in the fine arts with electronic arts disciplines. The program familiarizes students with the full range of creative digital media and allows them to select areas of concentration in such fields as visual arts animation computer music sound art video and emerging media arts and technology culture. The degree is designed for students who aspire to careers as practicing artists with an interest in math science and technology. Degrees Offered B.S. MFA Ph.D. ResearchConcentration Areas Visual arts and animation Computer music and sound art Video and emerging media Art technology and culture Portfolio Required Philosophy Philosophy is a search for understanding and wisdom through inquiry into fundamental questions. Through research and reflection philosophy seeks to answer humanitys eternal questions What is the nature of human consciousness How are right and wrong determined Does God exist What is time Is there only one way to reason Each student develops a plan of study in one of three general areas below. Undergraduates complete a capstone experience in philosophy an in-depth investigation and thesis into an area of philosophy. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Reasoning computation and mind Philosophy of science and mathematics Philosophy of human values and culture Psychology The field of psychology uses scientific methods and procedures to study all aspects of behavior and cognitive processes. The department offers a broad understanding of knowledge and skills within areas such as motivation perception learning memory personality and social interaction. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Brain and behavior Cognitive modeling Community and health psychology Human factors Perception and action Dual Degree Options Computer science Electronic media arts and communication Engineering Mathematics Business and management Science and Technology Studies Science and technology studies STS asks fundamental questions about the role of science and technology in social and environmental change integrating insights from the humanities and social sciences into a coherent body of knowledge that The School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Program and Academic Details provides a basis for action. The program at Rensselaer is one of the few in the world that offers degrees from baccalaureate to doctoral levels. Degree programs offered through the STS Department emphasize the cultural historical economic political and social dimensions of scientific and technological society with a focus on ethical and values issues. Degrees Offered B.S. M.S. Ph.D. ResearchConcentration Areas Biology medicine and society Environment and society Engineering design and society Information and society Law values and public policy Sustainability Studies Sustainability studies is the newest degree program within HASS and responds to national and global developments that have made sustainability a key public concern. The program weaves together techniques and insights from the humanities and social sciences with knowledge from the natural sciences and engineering to address environmental problems. From the humanities and social sciences students learn the history of environmental thought and law and study current environmental controversies sustainable pathways and design. They also complete a technical optiona suite of four courses in disciplines such as biology geology or physics to develop technical expertise. Degree Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Energy pathways Food systems Green cities Environment and health Environmental justice Education for sustainability INTERDISCIPLINARY PROGRAMS Electronic Media Arts and Communication The EMAC program is a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses in communication as well as in digital art and animation video electronic music and graphic design supported by Rensselaers strong technological infrastructure. The program offered jointly by the Department of the Arts and the Department of Communication and Media encourages EMAC students to be creative problem solvers critical thinkers team leaders and entrepreneurs who will use technology in innovative ways in industry art and education giving our graduates a flexible advantage in todays challenging economy. Degree Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Digital storytelling Graphic design Marketing communication and design Sound design and popular culture Design Innovation and Society Rensselaer offers one of the worlds only design programs based in a Science and Technology Studies department providing deep insight into the human dimensions of design problems and solutions. The program revolves around a sequence of studio courses where students work individually and in interdisciplinary teams to devise innovative design solutions. The studio sequence is supplemented by a range of relevant social-science and humanities courses that explore the relationships among science technology and society. This creative design program specializes in designing for under-served communities as well as in understanding social and environmental pitfalls to traditional consumerist design practices. Degree Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Minimizing construction waste Employing culturally relevant digital technologies in teaching K-12 Greening of major league sports Advanced materials to aid mobility of the elderly Aiding rural farmers using appropriate pasteurization technology Employing information technologies to reduce voting errors Dual Degree Options Mechanical engineering Business and management Communication Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences Rensselaers undergraduate GSAS program prepares students to capitalize onand successfully navigatethe explosive growth in the continually evolving games phenomenon. Interactive technology is finding application in fields as diverse as education national defense biomedicine and physical fitnessto name just a few and the potential for the industry is nearly limitless. The Rensselaer program combines theory and practice along with a strong emphasis on collaborative interdisciplinary teamwork. Graduates are equipped with the design technical communication and leadership skills needed to enter this exciting field and make an instant impact. Degree Offered B.S. ResearchConcentration Areas Video game hardware and software Animation Human-computer interaction Computer science Managemententrepreneurship Cognitive science Dual Degree Options Art Cognitive science psychology Communication Computer science Business and management Out There HASS alumni can be found all over the world actively engaged in some of the most exciting work in the field today. Many of them also feel a strong sense of loyalty to their alma mater and are open to making connections with new graduates. John Lonski73 M anaging directorand chiefeconom istof M oodys CapitalM arkets Research Group.H is com m ents on credit m arketconditions and the business cycle appeardaily in M oodys CreditTrends and weekly in the W eekly Credit Outlook publication of M . PeterVan Inwagen 65 Am erican analytic philosopherand the John CardinalOH ara Professor ofPhilosophy atthe U niversity ofN otre Dam e. H e is one ofthe leading gures in contem porary m etaphysicsphilosophy ofreligionand philosophy ofaction. Marie Rarieya Ph.D. 07 Program ofcer in the Soil Health Training Program at the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Kenya Africa. M ike DelPrete 01 as the presidentand founderofAgora Gam es a wholly owned subsidiary ofM ajorLeague Gam ing has spearheaded projects forclients including M icrosoftSonyActivision BlizzardN intendoTH Q and Konam i. JimDetjen70 KnightProfessorof JournalismatMichigan StateUniversity. Formerlyanaward- winningscienceand environmentalreporterfor thePhiladelphiaInquirer Detjenisalsoco-founder andpastpresidentofthe SocietyofEnvironmental Journalists. Outlook publication of Hector Postigo Ph.D. 06 Associate professor in the Department of Broad- casting Telecommuni- cations and Mass Media at Temple University. His book The Digital Rights Movement the Role of Technology in Subverting Digital Copyright was published by MIT Press in 2012. Klaus Hubacek Ph.D.00 Fullprofessoratthe U niversity ofM aryland College Park. VirginiaEubanks Ph.D.04 Associateprofessorinthe DepartmentofWomens StudiesatSUNY-Albany. EubanksbookDigital DeadEndFightingfor SocialJusticeinthe InformationAgewas publishedbyMITPress in2010. Resources Rensselaer and HASS enjoy world-class one-of-a-kind facilities. Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center EMPAC EMPAC founded by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is an international hub for art performance science and technologyoffering adventurous interdisciplinary public events support for artists and scholars engaged in creative research and the resources of a state-of-the art facility for digital media production research and performance on the Rensselaer campus. Indeed the New York Times calls EMPAC a technological pleasure dome for the mind and senses dedicated to the marriage of art and science as it has never been done before. Interdisciplinary Collaboration Studios HASS Interdisciplinary Collaboration Studios support a variety of teaching research and collaborative activities. The studios include spaces for working with robotics product design and fabrication and 3-D printing. Visualization Animation Simulation Technology VAST Studio The VAST Studio provides students with access to professional-grade digital imaging animation and game development tools in a unique classroom environment. The studio is equipped with HD projection surround sound high-end workstations and a full array of softwarea full suite of Autodesk applications Adobe Creative Cloud Unity Unreal Engine ArcGIS and many othersthey can expect to encounter in a professional environment. Intermediate Advanced Computer Music Laboratory Both the intermediate and advanced computer music labs allow professional production of electronic computer music and other special audio. The intermediate lab equipped with Macintosh Workstations loaded with the latest audio software is a classroom space for electronic music and other interactive art topic courses. The advanced lab is a single workstation studio with digital audio and video-post production systems capable of producing multi-track audio and video including surround sound. Emergent Reality Lab The Emergent Reality Lab is a platform for research in virtual reality and mixed reality combining the real world with immersive virtual environments and the immersion of storytelling and gameplay. The environment is equipped with three large 3-D rear-projection screens motion tracking and surround sound. Advanced Graphics Production Studio This studio is a high-end computer graphics and printing center that supports student projects in advanced imaging computer graphics printing laminating pre-press work and video capture. Large-format archival printing photo film scanning video post production high-performance document scanning and ink jet printing are all available for student use. NON PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE RENSSELAER Montreal Troy Philadelphia Pittsburgh Boston NYC Toronto CANADA Rensselaer Admissions Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 110 8th Street Troy NY 12180-3590 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute complies with all federal state and local nondiscrimination laws and provides equal opportuni- ties for all persons regardless of race color religion sex sexual orientation gender identity gender expression age marital sta- tus national origin citizenship status disability military status veteran status or any other basis prohibited by law. 2015 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. All rights reserved. Rensselaer at a Glance Rensselaer educates the leaders of tomorrow for technologically based careers. We celebrate discovery and the responsible application of technology to create knowledge and global prosperity. Schools Rensselaer offers more than 110 programs at the bachelors masters and doctoral levels. Undergraduates can choose from among 38 majors and 63 minors. School of Architecture School of Engineering School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Lally School of Management School of Science Faculty Rensselaer faculty members include National Science Foundation Presidential Faculty Fellows members of the National Academy of Engineering the National Academy of Sciences and other eminent professional organizations. Enrollment Fall 2014 Undergraduate Students 5557 Resident Graduate Students 1204 Our students represent 49 states and 65 countries around the globe. Class of 2018 69 graduated in top 10 of high school class 14 awarded Rensselaer Medal SAT mid-50 range 1300-1490 A-B average high school GPA Student Life 23 varsity teams and more than 50 intramural and club sports. 200 student clubs and organizations operate under a student-controlled budget of 8 million. Location Rensselaer occupies a 275-acre hilltop cam- pus overlooking the Hudson River in Troy New York. Were located in the heart of New Yorks Capital Region putting a world of cultural and recreational opportunities within reach. This area offers both a relaxed lifestyle and easy ac- cess to the high-energy metropolitan centers of the Northeast. Follow Us