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I have no doubt that Design Development was a big part of the reason I was invited to work at 3XN a Danish firm. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Design studios typically ask students to develop an architectural response to a given program or problem. Students work for 14 weeks moving from the initial schematic planning to the ultimate design i.e. the art. At Rensselaer a required course known as Design Development has extended that model in bold new ways. The Design Development studio includes as an integrated project structure material circulation environ- mental flow codes and programming all the pragmatic issues for making a great building i.e. the science. You will begin the semester by choosing a design which might be one of your own from a previous design studio or an unrealized design by a world-renowned architect. The process then gets underway with a series of weekly charrettes each an intense design session that advance the projects en route to making a comprehensive building design. Design Development taught me to think about how to design to build from the beginning said Kyle Baumgardner 12 now an architectural designer with the Rockwell Group in New York City. A lot of times you take on projects that are a little bit unbelievablethere are a lot of ideas that just wouldnt work in terms of how you would build it. Design Development teaches you to be aware of things earlier on in the design. In his Design Development class Baumgardner and a partner chose a proposal for a courthouse that was created by the Danish firm 3XN. Baumgardner said the project was challenging but they were pleased with their results. In the summer of 2011 he and his Design Development partner were hired by 3XN for a summer internship and they completed a similar project on conceptual designs for an elaborate shelving system. Building Awareness KYLE BAUMGARDNER 12 art science 9