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Contact Information Address School of Architecture Greene Building Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 110 8th Street Troy NY 12180 USA Main Phones Front Desk 518 276-6466 Deans Office 518 276-6460 Undergraduate Programs Lecia ODell Student Services Administrator 518 276-8478 Graduate Programs Vicki Pocorobba Senior Program Administrator 518 276-6877 knowledge and expertise in the performance design process. Master of Science in Architectural Sciences The Master of Science degree in Architectural Sciences offers graduate study in three distinct concentrations Architectural Acoustics This degree program provides a unique opportunity in architectural acoustics by generating scientific research for advanced work in room acoustics psychoacoustics acoustic and vibration measure- ment techniques noise control and sound reinforcement. Research is supported by the National Science Foundation and other federal agencies. The program has an ongoing relationship with Rensselaers innovative Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center among other institutions. Built Ecologies Designed for those individuals who are interested in engaging in interdisciplinary studies that focus on the development of new strategies. Examples include the investigation of emerging building technologies and issues related to communities and technology. Lighting Geared toward the needs of professionals either currently working or wishing to pursue careers in the lighting industry or design fields this degree program exposes students to a wide range of topics within lighting including the physics of light lighting technology human factors design and application. At the masters level each concentration offers a distinct curriculum intended to prepare graduates to enter specialized design practice consultancy or to attain the minimum credential for teaching in higher education. Typically the knowledge gained in the masters degree is foundational to the pursuit of the Ph.D. and the degree is considered preparatory to advanced research-based work. The degree culminates in a masters thesis. Ph.D. in Architectural Sciences The School of Architecture offers the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Architectural Sciences to candidates who are prepared to undertake innovative and substantive research that adds to the body of knowledge drawn on by the design disciplines. The Sciences in this context refer to those disciplines that support and shape our understanding and production of the built environment including its physical biological social cognitive and cultural contexts. The Ph.D. is an inherently interdisciplinary degree in which concentrations can be elected in Architectural Acoustics Built Ecologies Lighting A distinguished faculty within the school and across the Institute provides support for research projects that are informed by both disciplinary depth and trans- disciplinary integration. The degree is intended for those who desire a career in teaching research specialized professional practices or consulting. The program is intended to build knowledge skills insight and experiences that will enable these individuals to make an original and lasting contribution to their chosen field beginning with their dissertation and continuing into their professional lives. The program is structured to foster a community of students and scholars a collaborative environment in which lateral flows of ideas and influences enrich the research agenda of each member of the community.