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Bachelor of Architecture Professional The five-year undergraduate professional program is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board NAAB. It concludes with a year-longindividually developed and comprehensive final project that offers the opportunity to develop a point of view about architecture and its place in the world to question conventions habitual responses and routine approaches to architectural design and to investigate issues that the student sees as significant to architecture. Bachelor of Science in Building Science Building Science is a discipline that focuses on understanding physical phenomena that affect buildings building materials systems and performance. Rensselaers innovative four-year degree program provides an exceptional preparation for direct entry into one of the building industrys many sectors or as a foundation for advanced degrees in architecture business or construction management or engineering. Master of Architecture I The M.Arch.I Professional Program is 3 years long and leads to a first professional Master of Architecture degree. Accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board NAAB it is open to students who come from different academic disciplines or who have been enrolled in pre-architecture programs. Master of Architecture II Post-Professional The one-year M.Arch.II degree requires 30 credits including the required methods seminars. The school offers two distinct M.Arch.II concentrations. The program at Rensselaers Troy campus engages both the concepts and practice of Emergent Cities. A second concentration in Performance Design is taught in New York City at the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology its curriculum develops Architecture is situated at a unique moment in history in which a convergence of global interests demands that our discipline respond in critical and innovative ways. Faced with an ever-increasing focus on creating new forms of renewable energy smart grids and coastal city solutions computational engines immersive environ- ments and ecologically sound building components for the 21st century the profession of architecture is poised to meet these demands with a spirit of creative inquiry and engagement. The School of Architecture at Rensselaer prepares practitioners for this challenging field offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. DEAN EVAN DOUGLIS The School of Architecture Academic Degrees The Hyde Collection at Glens Falls