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CONSIDER THESE EXCEPTIONAL RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO THE SOA STUDENT Studios. At Rensselaer you will find fully integrated studios where the best of tradition and technology meet. In a very real sense these studios become a model of the new workplacejoining the mobile student the digital desktop the drawing board and the most powerful new computer technologies in one multimodal environment. Interdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged using both electronic and traditional tools. Digital Futures Lab. A 32-seat advanced computation lab supports the integration of digital design and predictive modeling and system simulation. Digital Fabrications Lab. Rensselaer is committed to acquiring and providing the latest technologies available for fabrication and prototyping of design work at all levels. Dedicated facilitiesinclude 3-axis routingmilling laser cutting 3-D printing structural testing and analysis equipment a ceramics research laband a fully equipped woodworking shop. Architectural Acoustics Research Facilities. Includes a testing room with a hemi-anechoic chamber a binaural listening and auralization test station coupled laboratory spaces with two 24-channel loudspeaker systems video projection and INET 2 connection for multimodal audio visualhaptic telepresence research scale-model reverberation and anechoic chambers advanced acoustics vibration measurement systems laser doppler vibrometers and acoustic modeling and computation software. The Lighting Research Center LRC. Features state-of-the-art equipment and the ability to perform research in diverse areas of lighting and maintains the necessary measurement equipment computer-aided optical design capabilities and workshop required to produce and evaluate fully functional prototypes and models. These facilities and existing equipment represent one of the best-equipped university-based lighting laboratories in the United States. communities 27