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4 we prepare students to practice and prosper in the global arena Some 80 percent of students in the School of Architecture enjoy study abroad programs as well as mid-semester and summer trips organized around a specific area of research. They get to spend valuable time with international architecture students and faculty. In this way they come to understand contextthat the materials and resources available to architects are different in China or India or the United Statesand they enrich the classroom with this new understanding upon their return. Italy Rensselaer students traveling to Italy in 2010 spent five weeks in Torino working side-by-side with Italian students and then relocated to the great city of Rome for the second half of the semester. We were addressing housing needs in Torino meeting with people from the various city departments and housing markets to gather insights said Ted Ngai the faculty member who accompanied the trip. Italy is really at the top of the world in terms of design culture Ngai said. They excel at product and car and furniture design but not necessarily architecturewhich is what RPI excels at. So there was a very healthy exchange. For Cesar Madrigal 12 the trip was an awakening to the power of ancient structures. It was amazing to see the work of our predecessors and to consider the kind of space youve read about in textbooks and then really understand it when youre actually inside that space said Madrigal now a designer at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson in Pennsylvania. You learn about the care and level of attention that goes into creating details and thats so valuable.