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ADD YEAR SEMESTER LIGHTING RESEARCH CENTER In keeping with the theme of sustainability the sound use of energy is also a focus of the Lighting Research Center LRC the worlds leading university-based research and education organization exclusively devoted to lighting. Programs and activities at the center include laboratory testing and real-world demonstration and evaluation of lighting products as well as conducting research into energy efficiency new products and technologies lighting design and human factors issues. The LRC offers a doctoral program and a one-year masters degree program in lighting as well as global training programs for government agencies utilities contractors lighting designers and other lighting professionals. This is a chance to learn what light can do for you. You can say I have this knowledge and it puts me ahead of other people who dont understand the best practices and what needs to be done to optimize this space. Seeing the Light KATHERYN CZUB 13 In a class on Environmental and Ecological Systems Katheryn Czub 13 saw the light. In a presentation on the effect of light Russ Leslie associate director of the Rensselaer Lighting Research Center flipped through slides of different lighting schemes. One slide showed a corridor lined with columns. The designers had positioned lights to graze the columns and disappear. It was a strong image said Czub now a lighting designer with Fisher Marantz Stone in New York City. There was nothing spectacular about that space but the fact that they had used lighting to alter how it felt really interested me. Through the LRC Czub has come to see that lighting has the potential to enhance health worker productivity and aesthetics. sustainability 17