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Michael Oatman an internationally recognized collage and installation artist teaches SoA students the fundamentals of drawing and space. He also enlists students to work alongside him in Falling Anvil Studios his creative incubator. Increasingly my role has become about guiding young people toward being able to say I have an interest and my interest is this Oatman said. One recent project in which Oatman teamed up with students is All Utopias Fell a long-term installation on the roof of Mass MoCa the dynamic visual arts center located in North Adams MA. This installation which features a repurposed Airstream trailer parachutes and photovoltaic cells that will generate 7 percent of the power consumed by the museum involved students from conception through actualization. For Paula Rand 12 working on All Utopias Fell was a revelation. So much of what Michael does is about challenging the way you think working with a story and a narrative that it makes you reconsider what you can ultimately do in your own practice said Rand now an intern architect with ChoShields Studio in Brooklyn. For Kristin Diotte 11 now an architect with Re4orm Architecture in Schenectady the opportunity to work with an artist of Oatmans stature was a formative experience. Michael really taught me about rigor said Diotte. When you work with him and see the attention he pays to every detail and decision thats inspirational. Could I have done this project without my class asked Oatman. Yes. But this is an opportunity my students wouldnt ordinarily get this is something for their portfolio and something that will elicit their individual creativity. SoAstudentsevenfindthemselvesworkingwithfacultymembersoninternationalprojects.DemetriosComodromosa2002 graduateoftheSchoolofArchitecturenowteachesattheschoolwhileservingasaprincipalatMethodDesignanintegrated designshopinNewYorkCitythatheco-founded.In2010Comodromosinvolved12ofhisstudentsinaprojectforaDanish musicalfestivalcalledCopenhagenDistortion.WorkingalongsideDanishstudentsandfacultytheRensselaerteamcreatedthe D151tortPavilionadigitallyfabricatedreconfigurableacousticstructuremadeupof151soundabsorptiveconesarranged inahexagonalgeometricconfiguration.RPIisareallyinterestingplacesaidComodromosbecauseitdevotesitselfto experimentationandresearchandthenwetestitinpractice.