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KEY RESEARCH AREAS Energy Environment and Smart Systems Biotechnology and the Life Sciences Computational Science and Engineering Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Media Arts Science and Technology World-Class Research in Action Rensselaer is an internationally recognized center of research. Students at all levels are actively engaged in work that leads to the discovery of new materials techniques and means for changing the world. As we approach our 200th anniversary it is vital that we draw on the perspectives of multiple disciplines in order to make progress for our nation and the world. What is required is a new paradigm for teaching learning and research which we have termed The New Polytechnic. Within some of the most advanced facilities in the world our graduate students and faculty address issues and uncover solutions that will affect the quality of life for people every- where. New pedagogical formats such as blended learning allow part-time working professionals to learn from our world-class researchers. Summer research opportunities in our centers and labs allow talented undergraduate students to work with top researchers to solve global challenges. We have developed a truly interdisciplinary environment that maximizes the value of our discoveries to benefit society and the world. To that end students in our MBA program are working with science and engineering students to com- mercialize new technologies students in our architecture and engineering research groups are creating new technolo- gies that architecture students are using in innovative design schemes and our electronic arts students are creating new pieces using our state-of-the-art technologies and facilities. Karthik Bala 97 CEOChief Creative Officer Vicarious Visions. The highly successful video game development company is one of the leading producers of hit games such as Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 and Spider-Man 3. A Tradition of Talent Innovators and inventors who have emerged from Rensselaer include David Ferrucci 94 principal investigator of the research team that developed Watson the artificial intelligence computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language. Jeopardy Champion 2011. Eben Bayer 07 and Gavin McIntyre 07 founders of Ecovative which has developed a low-cost biodegradable form of organic insulation made from agricultural by-products of rice buckwheat and cottonseed. Kathryn Prigmore 78 an award-winning architect with over 30 years of practice. Chief operations officer at STUDIOS Architecture in Washington D.C. she is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects and former associate dean at Howard University.