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The Rensselaer Advantage The graduate school experience at Rensselaer is built on four primary principles Cutting-Edge Research Our mottoWhy Not Change the World is borne out every day. In the last year alone Rensselaer researchers changed the world by conducting clinical trials of a closed-loop artificial pancreas for individuals with Type 1 diabetes proving that the Milky Way galaxy is at least 50 percent larger than was estimated and developing a computational quantitative model of global risk network dynamics. Interdisciplinary Study The lines traditionally dividing departments and curricula are blurred and intersecting at Rensselaer. Faculty students and even the programs themselves integrate and cooperate. Our Center for Biotechnology and Interdisci- plinary Studies CBIS is a leading example of how co-locating researchers from a variety of different fields including biology mathematics computer science bioengineering and physics can create powerful synergies that spark new ideas and ventures. Focus on Entrepreneurship Our students develop not only the expertise and technical skills to solve 21st-century challenges but also can gain the business acumen neces- sary to bring their innovative products to market. Rensselaer recently launched a distributed incubation program called Emerging Ventures Ecosystem EVE to nurture new businesses and shepherd ideas from classrooms and labs to the marketplace. Support Beyond the Classroom Rensselaers Office of Graduate Education is continually devising policies and services that help foster the success of our students. Students can work with the office staff to find external funding for study and travel and are invited to participate in professional develop- ment offerings including a series of workshops called Preparing Future Faculty. Additionally Rensselaers Childbirth and Parental Accom- modation policy assists new parents as they pursue their studies.