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building on a pioneering past to reimagine the future tackling the big picture questions with passion and rigor forming a community that values the individual Simultaneously the oldest technological school in the country and the most modern school of technology in the U.S. PRINCETON REVIEW In the nearly 200 years since then we have remained true to our mission to apply science to the common purposes of life. Our graduates have created innovative products systems and solutions that have vastly improved the human condition. Whether building bridges planning cities or exploring outer space Rensselaer women and men were suited up for the job ready willing and extraordinarily able. Looking ahead to the ever-greater challenges of the 21st century our students are addressing issues of clean water safe food climate change renewable energy disease control and more. Like their predecessors they are suiting upfor laboratories for clean rooms for architectural sites for think tanks for startups for global expeditionswherever they are needed to change the world. At Rensselaer you too can forge your identity and become part of the solution. Thats the Rensselaer way. Founded in 1824 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was the first technological research university in the English-speaking world. this is rensselaer 5 Rensselaer is made up of five distinct schoolsbut this should not imply boundaries. In fact a Rensselaer education is all about breaking down boundaries. Here youll join a learning community in which students and faculty members representing diverse academic interests collaborate across the disciplines. Scientists work with artists. Artists work with engineers. Engineers work with business students. Business students work with architects. Architects work with scientists and so the circle is unbroken. It is vital that we draw on the perspectives of multiple disciplines in order to make progress for our nation and the world. What is required is a new paradigm for teaching learning and research which we have termed The New Polytechnic. Using advanced technologies The New Polytechnic enables collaborations between talented people in order to address the complex problems the world faces. The five schools build upon each other to create a synergy that results in breakthrough thinking. In other words you become a person who sees the world in terms of connections not boundaries. 5schools make up Rensselaer The connections within and among these schools spur continual discovery. Science Architecture Engineering Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Lally School of Management this is rensselaer 6 School of Architecture BUILDING SCIENCE B.S. GRADUATE DEGREES M.S. M.ARCH. PH.D. ARCHITECTURE B.ARCH. Rensselaer has always been a living laboratory of collaboration innovation and technology that is absolutely at the forefront. These qualities are all made manifest in our School of Architecture SoA which is truly unique in its blend of art and science. Here you will take advantage of our exceptional technological resources including advanced modeling software computer platforms digital fabrication technology the latest 3-D printers laser cutters milling machines and robotic technology. You will immerse yourself in studio design courses where your creativity will soar. Choose to join those architecture students who study abroadgaining a global perspective in locations like China India and Italy. Or perhaps youll head to New York City as a CASE Center for Architecture Science and Ecology student spending a semester working within one of the worlds most prestigious architectural firms. As a School of Architecture student you will master critical lessons in built ecology and sustainability. Youll learn how architecture can transform public space on a variety of scales. In fact youll become fully aware of the extraordinary power that architecture can exert on human lives. Studying architecture at Rensselaer is not like studying architecture anywhere else. Its a whole new thing. The School of Architecture continually reviews its curriculum to ensure that it is offering students the most innovative programs. We are now offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Building Science. This discipline focuses on understanding physical phenomena that affect buildings building materials systems and performance. Our innovative four-year degree program provides exceptional preparation for direct entry into one of the building industrys many sectors or as a foundation for advanced degrees in architecture business or construction management or engineering. Think GlobalAct Local PARKER BUNCE 14 Architecture student Parker Bunce 14 enjoyed a study abroad experience in Rome which resulted in a summer internship there with Redais Architecttura but he has also done significant work on the municipal front here in Troy. Bunce took a studio that was sponsored by the city whose intent was to design urban furniture specifically for public parks. What I came up with is an amorphous kind of loop Bunce explained. Its sort of mysterious. Kids are supposed to play on it and parkgoers are invited to discover its seating potential. Clearly the city of Troy saw its potential as Bunces creation was selected as one of two projects that they chose to see through to construction. I like the fact that Rensselaer has trained us to design anything said Bunce. Ive also loved being part of the Bedford Seminar which is a wonderful program that teaches you how to put design issues alongside issues of practicality. Ive also loved being part of the Bedford Seminar which is a wonderful program that teaches you how to put design issues alongside issues of practicality. A Global Profession Because architecture has always been such a truly global profession SoA students are imbued with a global perspec- tive. Italy China and Indiahome to some of the most exciting architectural advances in the world todayare among the locales where students can enroll in semester-long programs. THE BEDFORD SEMINAR With the Bedford Seminar Rensselaer has conceived a superb way to bring together architecture and engineering. This interdisciplinary studio course allows architecture students to work side-by- side with their engineering counterparts so that both can become keenly aware of how the two disciplines inform and shape their work. In this way students bridge the divide and become truly collaborative. The capacity for such collaboration translates into a strong marketable skill that pays off in the work world. school of architecture 11 CASE More than a decade into the 21st century the focus of the architectural conversation has shifted very much toward sustainability. Buildings count for more than one-third of the total energy consumption in the U.S. and resources must be guarded responsibly. To study issues of sustainability Rensselaer has established the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology CASE. This dynamic think tank is developing products and design techniques to make 21st-century buildings self-sufficient. CASE runs an undergraduate program that offers select students a full semester of classes within the Manhattan offices of the world- renowned firm Skidmore Owings Merrill. For these students the experience is transformative. The Creativity Curve KATERI KNAPP 13 When she was applying to colleges Kateri Knapp applied mostly to engineering schools. I was always interested in architecture but I doubted my creativity admitted Knapp who has B.Arch. and M.S. degrees from the architecture program. In Rensselaer she found a school where she could be part of multiple disciplines instead of putting herself in a box. I wound up loving architecture and incorporating engineering she said. The process they taught us in the School of Architecture allowed me to find my creativity. I realized that architecture was really about bodies moving through space. Knapp especially valued her experience with CASE. CASE works with materials science cognitive science civil engineering and environmental engineering she said. Its so exciting to work on all these challenges. Overall Rensselaer has been just right for her. Knapp is currently a graduate facade engineer at Arup. Everything and everybody you come into contact with at RPI has the ability to inform you and make you not only a better student but ultimately a more informed professional. school of architecture 12 school of architecture 13 School of Engineering AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING B.S. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING B.S. CIVIL ENGINEERING B.S. COMPUTER AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING B.S. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING B.S. INDUSTRIAL AND MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING B.S. MATERIALS ENGINEERING B.S. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B.S. NUCLEAR ENGINEERING B.S. BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING B.S. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING B.S. GRADUATE DEGREES M.S. M.ENG. PH.D. school of engineering 14 When Stephen Van Rensselaer and Amos Eaton founded Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1824 they placed the application of science to the common purposes of life at the heart of their mission. That credo continues today as Rensselaer faculty and students attempt to conceive a better world. They are addressing some of the most pressing challenges we facein energy food water human health and sustainability. Here students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research with world-renowned faculty on topics ranging from new cancer treatments to better fuel cells from earthquake engineering to improved transmission of electricity from smart lighting to better batteries. We hope you will enjoy international experiences as well alerting you to problems around the world that are waiting to be solved. The School of Engineering has so much to offer. First of all you will develop a solid quantitative foundationbut this knowledge will be set in the broader context of an education that honors the liberal arts. We want our engineers to be educated in the humanities and the social sciences and have strong communication skills. You will learn to work on diverse multidisciplinary teams and will gain the confidence and technical expertise you need to design innovative products processes and systems. When youre ready to take your ideas to the real world youll do so with a well-honed sense of social and ethical responsibility. In fact youll be ready for anything that comes your way. LEARNING LEADERSHIP Rensselaer believes that all students should develop the capacity for leadership and so engineering students are required to take several courses within the on-campus Archer Center for Student Leadership Development. The professional development courses allow students to learn leadership and professional skills related to collaboration teamwork presentation and more as they work on engineering projects. This is an unusual and exceptional way to enhance your overall engineering education. Archer also offers a host of other leadership programs. I was one of 40 students chosen for the Professional Leadership Program which is taught by corporate executives to juniors and seniors said Viola Wu. I learned communication skills and team behaviors that really help prepare you for professional life. Stepping Up VIOLA WU 15 Viola Wu 15 a chemical engineering major was born in China but immigrated to the U.S. when she was 11 growing up in Queens New York. She fell in love with Rensselaer but wasnt sure she could manage the tuitionuntil she turned out to be one of four students in the country to win a 100000 Proton Energy Scholarship. Once at Rensselaer she sought out various leadership opportunities. Rensselaer is really unique in terms of our student government which is 100 percent student run said Wu. Its a great way to learn leadership. As treasurer of the student-run Career Fair she was also in the position to nab a plum internship working in the summer following her sophomore year as a process engineer with Procter Gamble. Perhaps her proudest leadership accomplishment has been serving as founder of Rensselaers nascent chapter of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers SASE. I saw that Rensselaer had a wide variety of professional organizations on campusfor Hispanic and black and women engineers but none for Asians. I found out about SASE through my work at Procter Gamble who are co-sponsors of it nationally and it just seemed like the right fit for this campus. Rensselaer is really unique in terms of our student government which is 100 percent student- run. Its a great way to learn leadership. Engineers Without Borders The Real World KYLE GEISLER 15 Kyle Geisler 15 who is pursuing a co-terminal B.S.M.E. degree in civil and structural engineering grew up in Saugerties a small town in upstate New York. Geisler was looking to expand his perspective and hes been able to do that through his involvement with Rensselaers chapter of Engineers Without Borders. Last year I was project leader for a project we have with a small island community in Panama he said. They have limited access to clean water and were investigating alternatives to select something thats sustainable. Geisler helped to design and build rainwater catchment systems. Ive always been interested in philanthropy and helping underprivileged people he said. Engineers Without Borders has allowed me to take what I learn in class and apply it to real-life problems. Engineers Without Borders has allowed me to take what I learn in class and apply it to real- life problems. Today more than two billion people lack access to the most basic thingsclean drinking water adequate sanitation reliable passage to local markets and more. Engineers Without Borders EWB is an international organization that supports community- driven development projects around the world by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects. Rensselaer is proud to have a chapter of EWB that brings our students and faculty into the field to make a difference. school of engineering 17 Hands-On GARRETT GROSS 14 Garrett Gross 14 who earned his co-terminal degree B.S.M.E. in mechanical engineering has taken full advantage of the Rensselaer experience. When he took a course in the MILL Manufacturing Innovation Learning Laboratory he approached his professor and got connected to a six-month Department of Defense-funded project developing a multi-material 3-D printer whose goal was to replicate the look and feel of human tissue. Thats the thing about Rensselaer said Gross. Its really easy to approach professors. When you take a course with someone you find out what they do and if it interests you then you can stop by and say hello and see if theres anything available. Gross has also held some resume-building internships. He spent a summer with Staub Machine Company in Hamburg New York starting off on the line cleaning parts and loading. But I got bored he said and so I proposed an idea for a new grooming part to clean the machines. They liked it and I got the go-ahead to work it up. Next up was the co-op he did for Apple in manufacturing design in 2012. His facility for manufacturing earned him the coveted Gene Haas Student Manufacturing Award in 2013. Gross is now an operations leadership program associate at United Technologies Corp. Its really easy to approach professors. When you take a course with someone you find out what they do and if it interests you then you can stop by and say hello and see if theres anything available. Test Your Mettle Most engineers never met a problem they didnt want to solve and Rensselaer keeps those problems coming. One such challenge is Design Build Fly. Since 2007 Rensselaer teams have been participating in this international aircraft design competition in which student teams from universities around the world design build and fly remotely controlled aircraft. Another popular challenge is the ACSE Concrete Canoe Competition. Over the course of a weekend students from Rensselaer working in teams design measure race and present their seemingly unfloatable creations. The MILL Rensselaers Manufacturing Innovation Learning Laboratory MILL is a complete manufacturing learning environment. Here courses like Manufacturing Processes and Systems and Introduction to Engineering Design are set within a simulated but very realistic manufacturing environment where students leverage the expertise of their instructors and the excellence of their industry-grade equipment to practice and master the ins and outs of manufacturing and product assembly. Those who have studied in the MILL are ready to hit the ground running in any manufacturing setting whether it be at Boeing Apple Pratt Whitney GE or any of the other top-tier manufacturers that have hired Rensselaer students in the past. Manufacturing companies realize that Rensselaer students have an edge over students in other schools because of their MILL experience said Dan Walczyk professor of mechanical engineering. Our students understand manufacturing and how it integrates with design. school of engineering 18 DESIGN LAB The O.T. Swanson Multidisciplinary Laboratory more familiarly known as MDL provides invaluable real-world experiences for students. Within MDL the Design Lab process offers a culminating experience that helps prepare students to enter the workforce. Student projects confront open-ended technically challenging design problems that encompass a broad array of important contemporary issues. Particularly significant is the fact that these problems are posed by corporate sponsors from some of the worlds largest and most innovative companies as well as newly formed entrepreneurial startups. Working with corporate sponsors students will gain important industry insights and make contacts that will serve them well in the future. Recent capstone projects included Sports Body Armor A Reinvention of the Slot Machine Microelectronics Testing A Wear Test Machine Over 400 seniors from a range of engineering disciplines work on sponsored projects every year. The Design Lab is one of the main reasons why BusinessWeek named Rensselaer one of the top 60 design schools in the world. school of engineering 19 School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences DESIGN INNOVATION AND SOCIETY B.S. ECONOMICS B.S. COGNITIVE SCIENCE B.S. COMMUNICATION B.S. ELECTRONIC ARTS B.S. ELECTRONIC MEDIA ARTS AND COMMUNICATION B.S. SUSTAINABILITY STUDIES B.S. GAMES AND SIMULATION ARTS AND SCIENCES B.S. PHILOSOPHY B.S. PSYCHOLOGY B.S. SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY B.S. GRADUATE DEGREES M.S. MFA PH.D. The School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences HASS offers the most wide-ranging and diverse mix of majors within Rensselaer. Here the liberal arts flourish within the nations oldest technological university. Nowhere are boundaries broken down more dramatically and productively. HASS doesnt make you choose between artistic and scientific between creative and rational. Its all good. There are many qualities that characterize HASS. The interplay of art and science is always present whether that has to do with creating a video game or programming a robot. Consistent with Rensselaers overall orientation HASS is also committed to sustain- ability and finding enduring solutions to 21st-century problems. The liberal arts education that HASS delivers allows students to develop a social moral and ethical awareness that they can draw upon as they confront global problems like poverty disease climate change and access to education. HASS is home to five academic departments Arts Cognitive Science Economics Communication and Media and Science and Technology Studies STS. Within each of these inquiry takes place at the highest level. We seek seekers individuals who set out to understand the very nature of humanity who wish to improve the quality of life who long to preserve the world as we know it. Could that be you Sample PDI projects have included Enabling mobility of the elderly by using advanced materials in a revolutionary walker design. Greening of major league sports through redesign of equipment packaging and food-service delivery. Reducing errors in voting and vote counting by employing highly usable and transparent information technologies. Advancing the cheese processing employed by rural Peruvian farmers through appropriate pasteurization technology. Whatever the problem PDI will try to solve it. PRODUCT DESIGN AND INNOVATION One hallmark of HASS is its thorough embrace of all that is interdisciplinary. This spirit is especially evident in the trailblazing design program known as Product Design and Innovation PDI. This internationally renowned program recently earned Rensselaer recognition as one of the 60 most forward-thinking design schools in the world according to BusinessWeek magazine. PDI will prepare you to become an innovative designer who can develop the advanced products and technologies necessary for the 21st century. Through its design studios PDI offers students the opportunity to explore a broad breadth of material from larger systemic problems to smaller focused ones. Some studios are taught as a sequence to give students experience with the design process from conception to implementation. PDI allows students to think in new and creative ways by asking them to address and solvethe major problems of our world. The PDI program really convinces students that they can make a difference in the world. EBEN BAYER 07 school of hass 22 ECONOMICS For more than half a century Rensselaers Economics Department has addressed the centrality of economic forces on the human condition. Our faculty which has a strong commitment to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels publishes extensively and includes many professors who are active members and leaders of national and international economics organizations. The department offers courses in traditional fields such as introductory economics microeconomics macroeconomics econometrics and international economics. In addition the departments teaching and research include specialized fields such as ecological economics the economics of technological change the economics of energy research and development monetary theory and policy and financial regulation. Say Cheese JACOB DERECHIN 15 Jacob Derechin 15 started out at Rensselaer in physics but then decided to add economics. I took an intro course and really liked it said Derechin. I felt I could talk with my professor after class whenever I wanted which made a big difference. For Derechin the study of economics was a kind of revelation. As you get more advanced you see that youre using the same kind of math as you would with physics he said. Its just that youre using it with more practical application. Instead of working with subatomic particles youre figuring out how to make human life more rewarding. In the summer Derechin brought his experience and knowledge back to his home state of Minnesota holding an internship with Land OLakes the giant producer of butter eggs and cheese. He worked in their IT department on a Web development project. Looking ahead he hopes to continue his interest in behavioral and network economics with graduate study at the doctoral level. As you get more advanced you see that youre using the same kind of math as you would with physics he said. Its just that youre using it with more practical application. The CRAIVE Lab The Center for Cognition Communication and Culture is focused on the intersection and interdependency of those three Cs in the context of contemporary research technology and society. Interdisciplinary research activities within the Collaborative-Research Augmented Immersive Virtual Environment CRAIVE laboratory address the need for a specialized virtual-reality system for the study and enabling of communication-driven tasks with groups of users immersed in a high-fidelity multimodal environment located in the same physical space. Eben Bayer 07 and Gavin McIntyre 07 are co-founders of Ecovative a materials science company that makes natural renewable biodegradable packaging and insulation products used to protect Dell servers the corners of Crate Barrel bookcases PUMA paddleboards and much more. The idea was part of a capstone project in a PDI course. school of hass 23 SUSTAINABILITY STUDIES Sustainability is an ethic that permeates the culture at Rensselaer but interested students can go even further and choose to major in Sustainability Studies. This will prepare you to work in environmental policy management or research for industry government or non- profit organizations. Within Sustainability Studies youll research topics like the global asthma epidemic water rights in countries around the world and the causes and consequences of the global bee colony collapse as you take courses like Environment and Society Oil Politics Food Farms and Famine Globalization and Development and Consumer Culture. Earth Day Earth Day counts for a lot on the Rensselaer calendar with a full week in April devoted to lectures films work- shops concerts and more. Its an occasion for equal doses of reflection brainstorming problem solving and celebration. Because Rensselaer has given me a solid mathscience core I was able to do quantitative research for the group on data around water and soil quality. That really counted for something. Shifting Gears ORLANDO HERNANDEZ 15 When Orlando Hernandez 15 came to Rensselaer he initially planned to pursue electrical engineering. After the first semester of his freshman year however things changed. I wanted to do something I was more passionate about said Hernandez. With the range of programs that Rensselaer offers it was not difficult to retool. I read up on the course offerings and decided that Science and Technology Studies STS would make sense for me he recalled. On some level I was always interested in law school and felt that STS would better serve my goals given how it fits with policy. Hernandez has focused largely on issues of the environment and law working with an interdisciplinary research group that analyzes zoning regulations in New York state with regard to hydrofracking. Because Rensselaer has given me a solid mathscience core I was able to do quantitative research for the group on data around water and soil quality said Hernandez. That really counted for something. school of hass 25 The purpose of a liberal arts education is to encourage you to think critically and to ask good questions. Within that framework the arts play an important role especially in terms of promoting creativity. HASS-housed programs like EMAC Electronic Media Arts and Communication and GSAS Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences feature some of the most visionary thinking on campus and the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center EMPAC is one of the most technologically advanced performance spaces in the world. HASS has also recently brought on board the distinguished poet Shira Dentz to helm its creative writing program. Also on the faculty is Nicholas DeMaison the Institutes conductor who is intent on giving students the kind of rigorous musical ensemble experience that is commensurate with a Rensselaer education and an all-Steinway school. The arts are alive and flourishing at Rensselaer. school of hass 26 ELECTRONIC MEDIA ARTS AND COMMUNICATION The B.S. in EMAC Electronic Media Arts and Communication is a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses in communication as well as in digital art and animation video electronic music and graphic design all supported by Rensselaers strong technological infrastructure. The EMAC curriculum offers concentrations in Digital Storytelling animation video game design Graphic Design Interaction Design Marketing Communication and Design and Sound Design and Popular Culture turning out thinkers who are uniquely prepared for working in some of the most dynamic industries in the world today. Uncovering Opportunities MARYUM ALI 15 Maryum Ali 15 entered Rensselaer as a transfer student in her sophomore year majoring in EMAC with a minor in marketing. Her primary interest is marketing design and communications. I took a course in digital filmmaking and got involved with a nonprofit organization run by RPI professors called the Sanctuary for Independent Media said Ali. I entered a video competition that posed the question What would you do with a trillion dollars I did a piece on working with women who were victims of domestic violence. This kind of opportunity is what made Rensselaer so special for Ali. Rensselaer is the kind of place where if you talk to professors and do a little digging you can find that there is so much that is available to students she said. Here you can get a taste of the real world and mingle with professionals. Thats a powerful thing. GameFest Founded by Rensselaer in 2004 GameFest is a great opportunity for HASS students to connect with the working world. This regional showcase of student-designed computer games is a forum to discuss current topics in the world of game design and simulationand a chance for students to connect with the movers and shakers in the industry. In addition to a juried competition the event introduces students to philosophers computer scientists artists and cognitive scientists who are conducting research in game design development and production. GameFest is a fascinating way to explore the interdisciplinary junctures and cooperation among the arts and cultural studies social sciences computer sciences engineering and emerging technical research in information technology. school of hass 27 LallySchool of Management BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT B.S. GRADUATE DEGREES M.S. MBA PH.D. lally school of management 28 In large part because of technology business in the 21st century looks feels and is different from what it traditionally has been. Rensselaers Lally School of Management is smartly positioned to offer a business education that is tailored to todays times. We groom leaders who can guide organizations in inte- grating technology for new products services markets and systems. At the Lally School youll explore the intersection of management entrepreneurship and innovation while developing a broad concep- tual knowledge you can always draw upon. Here you will gain the attributes you need for business success a talent for analysis an understanding of teamwork a global perspective a capacity to integrate change and the confidence and critical thinking skills that characterize effective leaders. Youll experience exciting internships and co-ops at some of the most highly regarded companies in the world. Perhaps youll study abroad in locations like Australia Denmark Finland Germany Hong Kong Italy the Netherlands Spain Singapore or the United Kingdom. And if you want to spread your entrepreneurial wings you can form productive partnerships right here on campus as you usher your concept to the marketplace. At Lally youll get a total business educationand a broad path to your future. On the Move KYLE BRODY 14 Kyle Brody 14 has made the most of his Lally experience. He originally planned to study finance but his orientation changed in his sophomore year when he had an internship with JP Morgan. Working with their IT architecture team he had the chance to imagine what information systems and technology would look like 10 years down the road. Next came an internship working on security and privacy for the consulting giant Deloittewhich has now hired him to work as a business technology analyst following graduation. Brody also found the time to immerse himself in Rensselaer activities such as serving as president of the Rensselaer chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda which promotes professional development. And as if that werent enough he has launched a startup called PayWithMe which facilitates peer-to-peer financial transactions and was a big prizewinner in the Tech Valley StartUp Weekend. Brody is currently a business technology analyst in Deloitte Digitals Digital Marketing and Content practice with an interest in consumer products and retail and financial services. Rensselaer provides you with the opportunity to be exposed to so many different cultures. KYLE BRODY lally school of management 30 SEVERINO CENTER Students like Kyle Brody recognize that they have an invaluable resource on campus the Paul J. 69 and Kathleen M. Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship. The center offers guidance mentorship and coaching to students who are starting businesses connecting them with resources and networks within the Rensselaer community and beyond. Within the center is a constellation of valuable services and programs such as The Student Sandbox a place to gather and share ideas. The Rensselaer Entrepreneurship Internship Program REIP which offers students 14-week intensive internships with select entrepreneurial companies. Foundry-RPI where would-be entrepreneurs can get feedback on a weekly basis. Interactive Demo Day which showcases current work from students who have developed interactive projects within their classes as research assistants or on their own. Rensselaer Business Model Competition in which student teams compete for cash prizes and in-kind services while improving their business plans through workshops customer interviews coaching feedback and live practice sessions. Rensselaer is ranked 11th among the nations most entrepreneurial research universities according to the FORBES 2014 most entrepreneurial universities list. CENTER FOR FINANCIAL STUDIES CFS Working in the areas of financial engineering risk management corporate finance financial intermediation and capital markets CFS links faculty students and finance industry executives through forums to promote education and research both in theory and practice. The center provides workshops and seminars for students faculty and industry professionals. The Goal Zone CHLOE HUTCHINSON 15 Chloe Hutchinson 15 always keeps her eye on the goal. A seasoned field hockey player she was elected as team captain in her junior and senior years. Hutchinson who majored in management with a minor in economics and concentrations in finance international business and supply chain management came to Rensselaer because she heard it has one of the highest percentages of management students finding jobs upon graduationparticularly so for athletes. In fact she had real success finding jobs while still a student. She worked for Excellus BlueCross BlueShield in their underwriting department one summer and held an internship with Boeing in supply chain management. Let us not forget too that Hutchinson scooped ice cream at the campus Ben Jerrys shop since freshman year. There are so many opportunities at Rensselaer said Hutchinson. Hutchinson will use her leadership skills in her job at Lockheed Martin in Denver Colorado working as a procurement representative for Space Systems. The Lally School is small. And yet there are so many concentrations including new ones. You get a larger-school perspective with the intimacy of a small program. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. With all the engineers computer scientists biologists and physicists on campus Rensselaer is an entrepreneurs dreamland. Project Connect A professional networking and matchmaking website utilizing a proprietary database and specialized algorithm to help identify and qualify complementary skills and build project teams for entrepreneurs students and professionals. Self-Healing Biopolymer A biocompatible integration of chitosan and oxetane compounds that helps damaged glass re-bond itself at the molecular level in the presence of sunlight providing consumers with a low-cost repair solution in often vulnerable applications such as mobile phone display screens. SIDS Alarm Vests A variety of fabric vests alarmed to alert parents and caregivers when an infant has become motionless or stopped breathing. High-Speed Urban Composter A household-sized continuous feed system that makes composting feasible in urban environments. PASTWINNERS I am challenging students to follow in the footsteps of some of the other great engineers and scientists whove had a huge impact on the world. Look at the Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame.. it is filled with engineers who have affected every life on the planet. SEAN OSULLIVAN 85 In It To Win It Many students in the Lally School get involved with competitionssome local and some at the state level including the New York State Business Plan Competition and the Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge. One of the most interesting is Rensselaers own Change the World Challenge established almost 10 years ago by Sean OSullivan 85 a Rensselaer trustee and alumnus best known for creating the firm MapInfo and for coining the term cloud computing. Encouraging students to consider ways to improve the human condition and offering the chance at a 10000 prize the Change the World Challenge often translates into real entrepreneurial experi- ences with winners eligible to receive patent application assistance. lally school of management 33 School of Science BIOLOGY B.S. BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS B.S. BIOINFORMATICS AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY B.S. PHYSICS B.S. CHEMISTRY B.S. APPLIED PHYSICS B.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE B.S. MATHEMATICS B.S. INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE B.S. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND WEB SCIENCE B.S. COMPUTER SCIENCE B.S. GEOLOGY B.S. HYDROGEOLOGY B.S. GRADUATE DEGREES M.S. PH.D. Since 1824 when it was founded Rensselaer has been a hub of scientific thought and activity. Today that culture continues as robust as ever. Indeed it is a thrilling time to be involved in the world of scienceparticularly at a university where science meets technology on such a productive plane. Right now in the beginning of the 21st century computer power doubles every 18 months. The Internet doubles yearly. In this time of exponential change scientists have vast storehouses of information available at the click of a mouse. When you consider that Rensselaer has some of the most advanced computing capabilities in the world just imagine the possibilities. The School of Science is deeply and productively engaged in finding answers to the most pressing questions confronting humankind today. Here you will venture into explorations in these key areas Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling Water Energy Resilience and Sustainability Computational Science Security and Simulation Biomedical Sciences and Applications Materials at the Nanoscale MGI RPI Working with faculty members who are top scientists in their fields you will roll up your sleeves right from the beginning and become a skilled researcher. You will make discoveriesabout the world and about yourself as a learner. school of architecture 35 The Right Fit KAYLYN BELL 14 BiochemistryBiophysics major Kaylyn Bell 14 is taking advantage of Rensselaers Accelerated B.S.Ph.D. program. Its really the right fit for me said Bell. Not only will I earn my Ph.D. in seven years but I will also get the opportunity to work in different labs to discover which area of research interests me the most. So far she has taken a particular interest in the genetics and molecular biology fields. She has done a series of lab rotations that have taken her from screening myosin mutants in Drosophilia to studying mammalian cell culture and cell migration through biomaterials like collagen to DNA damage repair in yeast cells. Outside of class Bell is an avid member of the Rensselaer dance team which performs at football and basketball games and is a member of Colleges Against Cancer and the Relay for Life Committee. She also enjoys her work with the Womens Mentor Program. RPI is a great place to be said Bell. Its a community of people who are committed to academics and have strong career goals. ACCELERATED PROGRAMS The School of Science offers dynamic and distinctive programs that allow students to gain advanced degrees in less time and with less expense PHYSICIAN-SCIENTIST PROGRAM This seven-year program offered jointly by Rensselaer and Albany Medical College allows qualified applicants to benefit from a unique science-based curriculum built upon the rich tradition of Rensselaers many years of technological innovation as well as Albany Medical Colleges similar tradition of leadership in health-care research. FLEXMED A new partnership between Rensselaer and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has brought forth this program which is designed for students interested in pursuing a medical degree at Icahn. Sophomore students in any major at Rensselaer apply for early acceptance with Icahn holding up to three spots each year in its FlexMed program for those who qualify. ACCELERATED B.S.PH.D. PROGRAM This allows students to transition directly into graduate studies earning a doctorate in seven years. The School of Sciences most recent program addition is a concentration in neuroscience. The field of neuroscience is highly interdisciplinary with scientists and engineers from many different backgrounds using multiple experimental approaches. The aim of the neuroscience concentration is to provide students from diverse majors with a foundation that can help them understand the inner workings of the human mind and nervous system investigate neurological disorders and determine if neurons can be stimulated to regrow their connections following neuronal degeneration or injury. Not only will I earn my Ph.D. in seven years but I will also get the opportunity to work in different labs to discover which area of research interests me the most. school of science 36 Every single person is a nerd and by that I mean ridiculously passionate about something whether its math science sports music video games or even the cheese tasting club or yarn bombing you name it. UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH Rensselaer is a research institute but unlike many such institutions it offers rewarding research opportunities to undergraduates starting as early as the first year. The Undergraduate Research Program URP will allow you to work on projects that could conceivably culminate in presentations at conferences or publication in scientific journals. Through URP youll work side-by-side with professors who can point out opportunities in the field and help you network. This work can also boost your income and bulk up your resume. The Summer Undergraduate Research Program SURP offers the chance for you to immerse yourself full time in research for a 10-week period. That means even closer ties to faculty and a 4000 stipend. Atypeofstreetartakaurbanknittingorgraffitiknittingthatemployscolorfuldisplaysofknittedorcrochetedyarnorfabricratherthanpaintorchalk. Todays nerd is yester- days individualist. At Rensselaer youll find an exhilarating celebration of The Nerd by people like Henry Blevins 15. Their only identifying mark Meeting the world on their own terms. Who says nerds have to wear taped- up glasses pocket protectors and high pants Ridiculously Passionate HENRY BLEVINS 15 Physics major Henry Blevins 15 wasnt sure exactly what he would be studying at Rensselaer when he arrived. I didnt know if I wanted to do physics or math or pre- med or computer science he said. But I took Computational Physics on a whim and I destroyed that class. Now my research is on computation material specifics running simulations with various nanomaterials. There are tons of potential materials and awesome tools to measure them. When Blevins isnt using his awesome tools he is generating confidence and enthusiasm among other students as an active member of Math Mentors. I love teaching says Blevins. Next fall Ill apply to graduate school. Id like to get a Ph.D. in computational physics and work as a research professor. As Blevins sees it Rensselaer has something for everyone. school of science 37 without comparison the most beautiful water I ever saw. PRESIDENT THOMAS JEFFERSON school of science 38 The Most Beautiful Water Rensselaer has joined forces with IBM and the FUND for Lake George to launch The Jefferson Project at Lake George a three-year multimillion-dollar collaboration with the goal of understanding and managing complex factors threatening one of the worlds most pristine natural ecosystems and an economic cornerstone of the New York tourism industry. Rensselaer also offers its School of Science students the opportunity to spend a semester at the Darrin Fresh Water Institute an environmental research center on the lake. The program includes courses in freshwater ecology applied and environmental microbiology a seminar series on environmental topics an individual research project and an internship with a local organization. The living situation is none-too-shabby either. All students live in the Institutes spacious lakeside Adirondack-style lodge adjacent to the main laboratory facilities. school of science 39 Information Technology and Web Science On a campus whose student Ray Tomlinson 63 went on to invent email it makes sense that information technology should be a strong suit. Housed within the School of Science Rensselaers Information Technology and Web Science ITWS program offers unique multidisciplinary degrees that will allow you to lay the groundwork for a career in todays technologies whether you are thinking in terms of algorithmics software engineering social media or any other IT-relevant aspects. Here you will learn about the physical science that underlies the Web but at the same time you will come to understand the social science that explores its explosive impact on the world. As an ITWS student you can learn how to run large-scale information systems how to develop Web applications and how to deal with the social and policy implications of IT and Web deployments. Take a core of courses on Web and IT development and management and then branch out with concentrations in any number of areas engineering management the arts communications Web systems artificial intelligence medicine civil engineering finance and more. Or with the help of your adviser choose a concentration all your own that reflects your particular interests. The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didnt think they could learn before and so in a sense it is all about potential. STEVE BALLMER FORMER CEO MICROSOFT Rensselaer currently offers two degree programs in this area a Bachelor of Science B.S. in Information Technology and Web Science and a Master of Science M.S. in Information Technology. Both are highly interdisciplinary drawing on courses from four of the five academic schools that comprise Rensselaer. A minor in Information Technology and Web Science is also available. In addition all of Rensselaers five schools offer Ph.D. programs that can be focused in ITWS-related areas. Not many programs can make such a claim but ITWS can our graduates are in high demand with our 2014 graduat- ing class boasting 100 percent job placement. In fact in their first national study of the top technology schools from which Wall Street firms hire the best IT specialists Wall Street Technology ranked Rensselaer in the top five along with Carnegie Mellon MIT Stanford and Georgia Tech. school of science 40 Solid Skills ASHLEY VASSELL 14 Ashley Vassell 14 visited Rensselaer in her junior year of high school and fell in love with the campus. She entered with the intention of going into engineering but down the line switched over to ITWS. I was interested in computers but especially interested in working with people said Vassell. I wanted to be able to take on a project managing role. In fact Vassell groomed her people skills by being an active member of groups like the Society of Women Engineers for which she served as president. She has also held two excellent internships one summer working at SP Capital IQ in New York City as a software engineer and more recently holding a summer internship at GE as an Information Technology Leadership Program Intern. My Rensselaer experiences really helped me in those jobs said Vassell. A lot of the classes at Rensselaer are group- or team-based and they help you develop communication skills and the ability to work with different kinds of people. You become much more adaptable which is very good if youre the newbie in the workplace. A lot of the classes at Rensselaer are group- or team- based and they help you develop communication skills and the ability to work with different kinds of people. RENSSELAER HACKATHON 2014 saw the debut of HackRPI a 24-hour event that gathered together some 500 students from the Northeast to engage in collaborative computer programming. Sponsored by companies like Microsoft and IBM HackRPI attracted people from McGill Yale MIT Cornell and other top institutions. Rensselaer student Daniel Baek did not sleep at all. I wanted it to work so bad I stayed up. And now it works said the computer systems engineering major about a project that makes LED lights connected to his laptop blink at certain times. This can then be applied to vintage arcade games and even used for light shows on speaker systems. Its a culture said Sebastian Sarbora a Rensselaer computer science major who was a co-founder and organizer of HackRPI. You go to these and you feel understood. Youre with people with similar interests. In a classroom youre working on the same assignment as everyone else. With this you build something or learn to build something from scratch. The hope is that HackRPI will become a yearly event that will grow and grow. school of science 41 advanced opportunities Rensselaer is invested in helping every student achieve his or her fullest potential. For a significant number this means pursuing dual majors co-terminal degrees and accelerated degree programs. of the senior year. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and 90 credits of course work including AP credits transfer credits and courses in progress. Dual Majors This popular option allows you to fulfill the degree requirements for two curricula. In doing so you will have completed a dual major and your diploma will note this accordingly. Students often pursue dual majors within the same school but they may also be pursued across two schools e.g. Engineering and Management. ROTC The Reserve Officers Training Corps ROTC offers elective programs for students who desire commissions in the armed forces. Students who satisfy the requirements for baccalaureate degrees become eligible for commissions on completion of the appropriate ROTC programs. ROTC programs which are undertaken concurrently with baccalaureate degree studies are offered for the Air Force Army and Navy. For more information visit admissions.rpi.eduundergraduate academicsrotc.html. years. Using AP credits andor credits from academic research students accelerate their B.S. by one or more semesters. Accelerated students transition into graduate status at the beginning of or during their fourth year of study depending upon credits. Once students enter the graduate phase they receive a research assistantship with a stipend and graduate tuition. Science Technology Society- Law B.S.J.D.. Students interested in pursuing a public policy track should consider this six-year accelerated law program offered through Rensselaers School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences HASS. This program follows the curriculum leading to a B.S. in Science Technology and Society while focusing on one of three critical areas law values and public policy engineering and society or information and society. Originally initiated with Albany Law School some students have more recently enrolled at Columbia Law School upon the completion of three years at Rensselaer. Co-Terminal Degrees Rensselaer offers undergraduates with strong academic records the opportunity to extend their eligible financial aid and earn both a bachelors and masters degree in five years. Admission standards for the co-terminal program are the same as those required for Rensselaers traditional masters programs. Co-terminal applications must be submitted before the end of an applicants first semester Accelerated Degree Programs At Rensselaer you will find a number of outstanding accelerated degree programs. Among them are Physician-Scientist Program B.S. M.D.. Innovative and highly regarded this program which comes out of a collaboration between Rensselaer and Albany Medical College allows qualified individuals to complete requirements for both the B.S. and M.D. degrees in seven years. FlexMed. Rensselaers new academic collaboration with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai offers our undergraduates the opportunity to apply to FlexMed Mount Sinais unique early acceptance program. If accepted sophomores in any undergraduate major can bypass the MCAT. Business and Management-Law Program B.S.J.D.. Through the Lally School of Management you can obtain a B.S. and J.D. in management and law in six years instead of the usual seven. This program which first originated in conjunction with the Albany Law School now offers the opportunity to study at other law schools as well including Columbia Law School and Cornell University Law School. Accelerated B.S. Ph.D. Program. Students have the opportunity to transition directly into graduate studies earning both a B.S. and Ph.D. in seven advanced opportunities 42 advanced opportunities 43 This has been a life-changing experience. I have met students from around the world seen things I never imagined and learned so much about myself Australia and the world through all of these connections. AIMEEE BEAUDETTE 12 15 13 14 10 4 3 study abroad Rensselaer offers study abroad and exchange opportunities for undergraduate students in more than 15 countries on five continents. A global perspective is crucial for anyone wanting to understand the world today and so Rensselaer promotes study abroad through Rensselaer Education Across Cultural Horizons REACH. REACH offers a variety of international opportunities for undergraduates including semester-long study abroad and exchange opportunities short-term and faculty-led international programs and other international experiences such as internships and service learning. Each year you can expect to hear about short-term experiences led by Rensselaer professors to international destinations. Recent ones have included Culture and Development in India and Fundamentals of Flight in Puerto Rico. There are also designated programs associated with the various schools. The School of Architecture offers semester-long experiences in Italy India and China. The Lally School offers 3rd- and 4th-year management students the opportunity to spend a semester at a top-rated business school in one of 10 countries including Spain Italy and the Netherlands. The Global Engineering Education Exchange Program allows engineering students to study in one of 17 countries abroad. H 65 87 9 11 1 2 Every Rensselaer studentwhether an engineer scientist architect scholar or managercan benefit from studying abroad... the benefit is too great to ignore. PRABHAT HAJELA PROVOST 1 Victoria University Melbourne 2 University of New South Wales Sydney AUSTRALIA 3 Technical University of Denmark DENMARK 7 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 8 Pohang University of Science and Technology KOREA 5 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 6 The Chinese University of Hong Kong HONG KONG 12 University College London 13 University of Leeds 14 University of Sussex 15 Swansea University UNITED KINGDOM 10 University of Barcelona physics students only SPAIN 11 Stellenbosch University SOUTH AFRICA 9 Nanyang Technological University SINGAPORE 4 Technical University of Dresden GERMANY study abroad 45 The most significant transformation at Rensselaer over the past decade has been the creation of a research portfolio of a size significance quality and prominence that positions us to impact global challenges. Rensselaer has solidified its place among the important technological universities of the 21st century by investing in topnotch researchers broad- based programs sophisticated research platforms and strategic partnerships. JONATHAN DORDICK VICE PRESIDENT FOR RESEARCH AND THE HOWARD P. ISERMANN PROFESSOR OF CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING rensselaer research 46 Indisputably Rensselaer is right at the center of some of the most ground- breaking research and revelations taking place in the world of science and the arts today. Through our Institute-wide platforms and the myriad research centers across campus faculty students postdocs and research scientists extensively collaborate and innovate. In the next 10 years the Institute aims to raise its research spending to 250 million annually. As an undergraduate you can be part of all this. Each year more than 700 students participate in the Undergraduate Research Program which is open to all students. The program provides you with the opportunity to make research an integral part of your Rensselaer under- graduate education. For more information visit CURTIS R. PRIEM EXPERIMENTAL MEDIA AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTER EMPAC Perhaps the most iconic campus feature is EMPAC which opened its doors in 2008. Encased in a glass exoskeleton with a soaring atrium-like space between it and the inner building it is one of the most technically sophisticated arts venues in the world and certainly one of the most acoustically perfect. CENTER FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY AND INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES CBIS When it opened in 2004 this exceptional research facility transformed the look and the profile of Rensselaer. The 218000- square-foot super energy-efficient center features office space for 400 researchers and over 71500 square feet of laboratory space. To encourage collaboration among researchers the Biotechnology Center also features 5830 square feet of seminar space and 5200 square feet of auditorium and gallery space. CBIS is in fact a whole world waiting for you to discover it. INSTITUTE FOR DATA EXPLORATION AND APPLICATIONS IDEA Rensselaer tackles the challenges and opportunities of big data bringing together the wealth of data science high performance computing predictive analytics data visualization and cognitive research that are at the heart of the Institute. IDEA researchers will explore innovative new theories technologies and applications in health-care analytics business intelligence built and natural environments virtual and augmented reality systems cybersecurity applications and more. CENTER FOR COMPUTATIONAL INNOVATIONS CCI The CCI houses the most powerful supercomputer at any private American academic institution and the 43rd most powerful system in the world according to the most recent TOP500 list. Its ability to perform more than one quadrillion calculations per second to sift through vast amounts of data uniquely positions Rensselaer as a world leader in data-related research innovation and education. rensselaer research rensselaer research 47 CLASS College is a time of transi- tion and transformation. At Rensselaer we have put in place a structure that will help you meet the challenges aheadat the university and beyond. CLASS Clustered Learning Advocacy and Support for Students is our comprehensive approach to the student experience. Through ongoing support guidance and co-curricular activities CLASS will connect you to a strong network of faculty staff and other students. Built upon two main platforms our residential clustering which undergirds a transformative campus living experience and time-based clustering which begins with the First-Year Experience and continues with develop- mentally appropriate experiences throughout your undergraduate years CLASS programming is designed to encourage your personal professional and leadership develop- ment. Through CLASS you will grow in confidence and empathy and will develop the intellectual agility and multicultural sophistication to address the complex global challenges facing the world of today and tomorrow. life beyond classes Residence Life Youll find a large and vital residential community here at Rensselaer. Approximately 60 percent of undergraduates live in campus housing in options that range from traditional double and triple rooms in residence halls to apartments. First- and second- year students are required to live on campus. Junior senior and graduate students may choose to live on or off campus. Most first-year students live in freshmen-only residence halls. Students may also choose to live in one of several themed communities including Design and Arts Housing DArts which typically appeals to students in Architecture E-Arts EMAC GSAS or DIS programs Leadership House which offers programs and workshops throughout the year on issues like decision making motivation and team building Wellness House in which students learn about and practice holistic methods to improve the health of their minds and bodies and Earth Energy and Environmentthe Vasudha Living and Learning Community which offers the opportunity to join a cohort of like-minded students who take several courses during the first year around issues of the Earth our energy resources and the natural environment. DESIGN AND ARTS HOUSING LEADERSHIP HOUSE WELLNESS HOUSE VASUDHAEARTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT GREEK FRATERNITY AND SORORITY 29ACTIVE FRATERNITIES 5ACTIVE SORORITIES 30of students are members of fraternities and sororities student life 50 Greek life has a time-honored place on the Rensselaer campus and is still providing rich experiences for a significant number of our undergraduates. The governing body of all of these groups is the Inter-Fraternity Council. you wont go hungry. Rensselaer Hospitality Services managed by leading campus food provider Sodexo USA offers a range of dining options that reflect the diversity and spirit of the university. There are four resident dining halls that each offer their own service style and unique atmosphere and our dining plan allows you to eat all you want in any of these halls from the moment they open till the moment they close. Two or three entrees are offered at each meal along with generous deli and grill options all prepared to order. Vegan and vegetarian options are always available and kosher halal and organic requests are accommodated. Adding Flex Dollars to your plan allows you to expand your options by taking advantage of fun retail outlets on campus like Jazzmans coffee bar and Ben Jerrys. RESTAURANTS IN TROY 189residence halls 21 student life 51 RUGBY CURLING CREW RADIO CONTROL AIRCRAFT CLUB JUGGLING TABLE TENNIS 8TH STREET SWING BAND PAINTBALL CHEERLEADING ROLLER HOCKEY ULTIMATE FRISBEE KUNG FU EQUESTRIAN AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL CIRCLE K HABITAT FOR HUMANITY RPI AMBULANCE AQUARIUM CLUB BASS TEAM BUSINESS INVESTMENTS CLUB CARD PLAYERS CLUB CENTER STAGE CHESS CLUB CREATIVE PHILOSOPHY CLUB CULINARY CLUB ECOLOGIC GAME DEVELOPMENT CLUB KNITTING CLUB MAGIC CLUB MODEL RAILROAD DANCE CLUB FILM CLUB GRAPHICS CLUB JAZZ ENSEMBLE PEP BAND QUIZ BOWL CLUB RPI BOWLING CLUB RPI DEBATE CLUB RENSSELAER MOTORSPORT SCIENCE FICTION SOCIETY SPACE SOCIETY SPORTS CAR ASSOCIATION W2SZ HAM RADIO CONCERT CHOIR PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE PHOTO CLUB RPI PLAYERS RENSSELAER MUSIC ASSOCIATION STREET DANCE CLUB SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA STEP TEAM Why dont you visit admissions.rpi.eduundergraduatelifeclubs for a complete list broken down by intramural sports hobbies and interests professional honor societies multicultural organizations performing and visual arts groups publications and media Greek life service organizations religious organizations and student government Youll be sure to find what youre interested in. And if its not there and you want to start something new were always open to suggestions. RPI DANCE MARATHON A 24-HOUR DANCE PARTY THAT RAISES FUNDS AND AWARENESS FOR A DESERVING CHARITY. SOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHRONISM RECREATE THE ARTS AND SKILLS OF MEDIEVAL EUROPE WITH FULL FORCE ARMORED COMBAT TRADITIONAL DANCING AND THE OCCASIONAL WASSAIL. CLUBS 200 Student Clubs Organizations Many colleges and universities offer a wide range of student clubs and organizations but the breadth of such offerings at Rensselaer is truly something special. In fact the Princeton Review has ranked Rensselaer as high as 2 on its More to Do on Campus list. With 200 clubs sports and organizations to choose from we truly have something for everyone including to name a few But wrap your head around some of the more exotic ones which you are unlikely to find at most campuses QUIDDITCH A REAL-LIFE VERSION OF THE SPORT FROM THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS WHICH MIXES DODGEBALL RUGBY AND SOCCER TO GIVE YOU MORE FUN THAN YOUVE HAD IN A DOGS AGE. CAPOEIRA THIS AFRO-BRAZILIAN ART FORM IS 500 YEARS OLD AND COMBINES MARTIAL ARTS MUSIC DANCE AND ACRO- BATICS TO CREATE A BODILY GAME OF CHESS. GAJJDE SHER AN INDIAN COMPETITIVE DANCE TEAM THAT PERFORMS A HIGH-ENERGY NORTH INDIAN DANCE WITH KHUN- DAS STICKS AND SAAPS SIMULATED SNAKE MOVEMENTS. student life 52 RENSSELAER UNION One of the reasons why student life is so vibrant at Rensselaer is because it is entirely run by students. In fact the Rensselaer Union is one of the only student-run Unions in the country. Every enrolled activity fee-paying student is a member of the Rensselaer Union a self-supporting and a self- governing body that controls finances and organizes student activities. Students are responsible for the business operations of the Union including a convenience food store a full-service bank and a number of other retail operations. Student leaders at Rensselaer are elected in an all-campus student election each spring. Serving the greater community is an important value that the Rensselaer Union embraces wholeheartedly and our efforts take many forms. These include everything from raking leaves on Troys Earth Day to participating in Rensselaers Relay for Life which raises over 500000 for the American Cancer Society. Groups of Rensselaer students raise funds to buy holiday gifts for local elementary schoolchildren while others help build houses through our Habitat for Humanity chapter. Altogether there are 16 student organizations devoted to community service and to making a difference in the lives of our neighbors. students operate a 10000-watt radio station STUDENT UNION BUSINESSES 2800students live on campus BEN JERRYS COLLEGIATE STORE BARBER FOOD STORE BANK The Sports Scene Athletics count for a lot at Rensselaer where over 75 percent of students participate in intramurals club sports or intercollegiate programs. We have the resources and the spirit to please any sports fan. East Campus Athletic Village Unveiled in 2009 the East Campus Athletic Village ECAV is the most extensive athletic construction project in Rensselaer history offering athletic and recreation facilities that enhance the student experience dramatically. This 92 million complex includes a multipurpose lighted stadium with field turf and seating for 5200 and a 1200-seat basketball arena. Here you will also find a fully equipped 4800-square- foot strength and conditioning center that connects to a professional- caliber sports medicine suite a new Athletics Hall of Fame the Houston Field House hockey rink the Harkness Track Field and a caf. Phase 2 of the project still in development will feature an indoor pool outdoor tennis courts and an indoor sports facility complete with a track and tennis courts. 23INTERCOLLEGIATE SPORTS STUDENT ATHLETES PARTICIPATED IN NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS 9 sports 54 Intercollegiate Sports Rensselaer is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA the Eastern College Athletic Conference ECAC and the Liberty League. The mens and womens ice hockey teams compete at the Division I level in ECAC Hockey. All other teams compete in Division III. BASEBALL MENS BASKETBALL WOMENS BASKETBALL MENS AND WOMENS CROSS COUNTRY FOOTBALL MENS GOLF MENS HOCKEY WOMENS HOCKEY MENS LACROSSE WOMENS LACROSSE MENS SOCCER SOFTBALL MENS TENNIS WOMENS TENNIS MENS AND WOMENS INDOOR TRACK MENS AND WOMENS OUTDOOR TRACK WOMENS SOCCER NATIONAL ALL-AMERICA STUDENT ATHLETES 10 232All-Academic student athletes FIELD HOCKEY MENS AND WOMENS SWIMMING AND DIVING Intramural Club Sports The Rensselaer Intramural Sports Program offers 20 sports with more than 2000 participants each year. Intramural sports are a great way to stay active and have fun. Among our intramural sports you will find Volleyball Team Handball Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Ice Hockey Floor Hockey Lacrosse 5v5 Basketball Racquetball Kickball Billiards Ultimate Frisbee Walleyball Being a varsity scholar-athlete is a big commitment but Rensselaer also offers abundant opportunities to the more casual student athlete. We do this in the form of intramural sports club sports and fitness and recreational activities. 2000participants in the intramural program STUDENTS EMPLOYED IN INTRAMURAL PROGRAM 30 And More... There are many more ways to stay healthy and active at Rensselaer. Consider the following clubs Aikido Archery Badminton Cheerleading Crew Cricket Curling Cycling Equestrian Club Fencing Gymnastics Judo Juggling Paintball Roller Hockey Rugby Sailing Ski and Snowboard Squash Table Tennis Tae Kwon Do Water Polo Weightlifting Wrestling sports 57 3 21 4 There is much to discover in this part of the world that Rensselaer calls home. capital region 58 Points North Saratoga Springs is a popular destination just a half hour away. It offers a vibrant downtown the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and the fabled Saratoga Race Course. Skiers will enjoy their runs in nearby Vermont Mount Snow for instance is just a little more than an hour away. For a more ambitious northbound excursion head for Montreal less than four hours away. The poutine is to die for. Points East Three hours will take you to historic Boston. Why not take in a Red Sox or Celtics game Points South In just about three hours by car or train you can get into the heart of New York City. Add another half-hour and youre in hyper-hip Brooklyn. Points West L.A. is just a little over 40 hours by carbut better yet drive the 10 miles over to Albany International Airport and pick up a flight. Troy was once known as the Collar City because the vast majority of celluloid shirt collars that men wore in the 19th and early 20th centuries were manufactured here. Troy is also reputedly the birthplace of our Uncle Sam national symbol. Legend has it that a local meat-packer named Samuel Wilson supplied the military and according to an unprovable legend barrels stamped U.S. were jokingly taken by the troops to stand for Uncle Sam meaning Wilson. History lives and breathes in Troy. Walk its green leafy streets and you will find some of the most extensively preserved areas of Victorian architecture in the countrydescribed by the New York Times as a town so unchanged that upon arriving there architectural historians think theyve gone to heaven. At the same time Troy along with Albany and Schenectady which make up what is popularly known as the Capital Region has kept pace with the presentand even the future. The Capital Region has become an integral part of what is known as Tech Valley a high-tech area that has begun to rival Silicon Valley with businesses such as Albany Molecular Research Inc. AMRI GlobalFoundries and SEMATECH. Just a short walk from campus youll find a revitalized downtown that boasts music venues coffee bars brew pubs fine restaurants and some terrific special events. Among the latter are Collar City the Capital Region Victorian Stroll. Start your holiday season the elegant way in early December with Troys Victorian Stroll. This eagerly awaited annual event set amid the storybook setting of Troys beautifully preserved Victorian-era streetscapes includes narrated trolley tours antique fire engine rides live music arts and crafts and even Newfoundland dog sleigh rides for kids. Flag Day Parade. In the city that gave us Uncle Sam youll find the largest parade in the country honoring the American flag held every June. Chowderfest. Find out who has the best chowder in the Capital Region at this mega- fun tasting event held on the Sunday of every Columbus Day weekend. Troy Waterfront Farmers Market. More than 80 food growers bakers chefs and artisans gather outdoors every Saturday in the summer and in the winter convene indoors on Saturdays at the Uncle Sam Atrium in downtown Troy. Striped Bass Tournament and Block Party. Fishermen from around the world make their way to the city of Troy each May to fish for striped bass in the Hudson Riverand to party afterward. Annual Troy Pig-Out. Now in its seventh year this pig-lovers paradise held in July features a weekend competition with barbecue vendors live music and fireworks. 1 2 3 4 Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. Considered by many to have the finest acoustics in America. Troy Night Out. This event which takes place the last Friday evening of every month regularly draws over 1000 people onto the streets of Troy. Youll enjoy over 30 art events 15 musical venues and much more. The Rensselaer shuttle takes students between campus and Monument Square on the hour. capital region 59 Plum Jobs Companies that have offered co-op and full-time jobs Amazon American Airlines Apple Applied Materials Bank of America Barclays Capital Becton Dickinson Boeing Bristol-Myers Squibb Cisco Systems Credit Suisse Energizer ExxonMobil General Electric Genentech Goodyear Google Hasbro IBM Intel Jet Propulsion Laboratory Johnson Johnson Lockheed Martin Merck Sharp Dohme MIT Lincoln Laboratory Mitsubishi Motorola NASA Nestle USA Nike Novellus Systems Oracle PepsiCo Philips Pratt Whitney Schick Sikorsky Aircraft Skidmore Owings Merrill Toyota United Technologies Corporation Vistaprint JobLink For sure youll want to become acquainted with JobLink the CCPDs online recruiting and job posting system. JobLink provides approved employers with a streamlined process to post open job opportunities year-round for summer interns co-ops and full-time employment for graduating students. Alumni can also make use of JobLink. JobLink allows you to store up to ten documents including resumes cover letters and unofficial transcripts. Rensselaer does an outstanding job of preparing students for rewarding careers in the work world starting with co-ops and internships. The on-campus Center for Career and Professional Development CCPD assists students in a variety of key ways including Setting career goals Resume and cover letter writing Connecting with employers Networking Curious about what you can do with your major We can give you lots of ideas. Seeking information about internships research cooperative education We are here to help. Pursuing full-time employment The CCPD can assist you. career de Co-Ops Co-ops short for cooperative education are a hallmark of the Rensselaer educational experience. Co-ops allow you to integrate your classroom studies with paid productive real-life work experiences in a related field that can take you to locations throughout the country or the world. These co-op experiences will help you build your resume and establish an invaluable network of connections. You will also have the opportunity to experiment with career paths and ultimately make better career decisions. Undergraduates who choose co-ops will work two termsone semester and one summer. During this time you will be considered a full- time Rensselaer student but will have no or only incidental financial commitments to the Institute and will be earning very competitive salaries. career development 60 velopment Graduate Study The CCPD is here as well to help you pull together your applications for graduate school admission should this be the path you choose to follow. Caltech MIT Columbia Cornell Harvard Stanford Princeton Yale Carnegie Mellon and Johns Hopkins have been just some of the next stops for Rensselaer students in recent years. Career Fairs Rensselaers career fairs are well-known for their high- level results. Many Rensselaer students find jobs summer internships co-ops or full-time employment through these regularly scheduled events. Attending a career fair allows you to meet a range of employers informally in a relatively short period of time. Youll gather information about various industries and generate a list of contacts. Career fairs can also provide you with a real-time chance to express your interest in a company. Never underestimate the personal power of sharing your resume with an employer representative in person. The CCPD holds an Annual Spring Career Fair that attracts more than 150 companies and over 2000 students. There are other designated on-campus career fairs as well such as the Architecture Career Fair and the NSBESHPE Career Fair organized by Rensselaer students. Rensselaer continues to rank among the top universities in the nation for providing an outstanding return on investment. The 2014 PayScale College ROI Report ranks Rensselaer as 34th of the 1310 colleges included in the study. The report ranks Rensselaer as 23rd among private universities and 16th among private research universities. This was based on the total cost of attending a university in relation to the salaries of graduates. According to the report a Rensselaer education provides graduates with a 6.7 percent annual return on their investment over the 20 years follow- ing graduation. How To Apply At Rensselaer you will become the kind of thinker and leader who can make a difference in the world. Our distinguished faculty outstanding research opportunities exceptional labs and facilities and accomplished student body all come together to create the kind of environment that assures personal growth and academic achievement. Rensselaer accepts the Common Application the Universal College Application and the Candidates Choice Application. More information can be found at rpi.eduapply. High School Preparation Some differences in academic background may be considered. Applicants who are best suited for Rensselaer will have completed 4 years of mathematics through pre-calculus 3 years of science including biology chemistry and physics 4 years of English 3 years of social studies andor history Advanced Placement and Advanced Standing Credit is granted to many entering freshmen through Advanced Placement AP exams at high schools or by satisfactory completion of selected college courses. Students also may be granted advanced standing or credits for the International Baccalaureate Higher Level exams. Visit to learn more. Important Application Deadlines Early Decision I November 1 Accelerated Programs November 1 Early Decision II December 15 Regular Admission January 15 Spring Admission Rensselaer offers a spring admission program that provides a unique pathway for a select group of students. The majority of the students entering in January are expected to graduate with their class in May of the senior year. This can be accomplished by taking classes elsewhere before enrolling at Rensselaer obtaining APIB credit from high school taking summer courses before enrolling or in subsequent summers or some combination of these options. For more information go to options. Financial Aid You have the credentials the transcript and the drive to become part of Rensselaer. We will do everything we can to make sure that the cost of attendance is not a limiting factor. Rensselaer offers a comprehensive and robust financial aid program with more than 90 percent of students receiving some form of assistance. Nearly 160 million in aid is distributed to undergraduates each year. Rensselaer has committed 102 million of its resources for need-based and merit scholarships including our Rensselaer Medal Scholarship which provides a minimum of 15000 per year for superior achievement in math and science. To simplify the financial aid process we also provide each studentfamily with an assigned financial aid counselor to provide guidance and assistance. All applicants for admission are given full consideration for all of the merit awards available at Rensselaer. Selection of awards is made after a thorough review of the information that has been included as part of your admission application. No separate application is required for merit scholarship consideration. Entering freshmen must complete two applications for institutional and federal need-based aid Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA at Rensselaers Federal School Code is 002803. College Scholarship Service CSS Profile at Rensselaers CSS Code is 2757. The Advisory Committee on Campus Safety will provide upon request all campus crime statistics as reported to the United States Department of Education. The U.S. Department of Education website address for campus crime statistics is www.ope.ed.govsecuritysearch.asp. The phone number for the Department of Public Safety the designated college campus contact authorized to provide such statistics for the Institute is 518 276-8527. Information about sex offenders if any living or working at Rensselaer will be available at the Department of Public Safety. New Yorks Sex Offender Registry is available at httpcriminaljustice.state.ny.usnsor. Directions to Rensselaer FROM THE SOUTH Take 1-87 the NYS Thruway north to exit 23. At exit 23 get on 1-787 to Route 7 east exit 9E. Follow Directions to Campus. FROM THE EAST Take 1-90 Massachusetts Turnpike-Berkshire Spur of the NYS Thruway to exit B1 continue west on 1-90 to 1-787 north to Route 7 east exit 9E. Follow Directions to Campus. FROM THE WEST Take 1-90 the NYS Thruway to exit 24. From exit 24 take exit 1N 1-87N the Adirondack Northway north to exit 7 east. Get on Route 7 heading east. Follow Directions to Campus. FROM THE NORTH Take 1-87 the Adirondack Northway south to exit 7 east. Get on Route 7 heading east. Follow Directions to Campus. DIRECTIONS TO CAMPUS Stay in the right lane of Route 7. Take the exit for Downtown Troy. You will be on 6th Avenue. At the second traffic light make a left turn onto Federal Street. Continue up the hill becomes Peoples Avenue. At the second traffic light make a right turn onto 15th Street. You will see the large granite Rensselaer sign and flags at the intersection of 15th Street and Sage Avenue. Make a left turn onto Sage Avenue. The admissions building will be straight ahead. Please check in at the front desk upon arrival to register for your visit and to obtain your complimentary campus parking permit. Limited parking is available behind the admissions building. Traveling by Plane Train Bus If you are arriving by plane fly into the Albany International Airport ALB. For travel by train arrive at the Albany- Rensselaer Amtrak station. If you are traveling by bus the Greyhound station is located in downtown Albany. All are about a 15-minute taxi ride away. Schedule a Campus Visit Make an appointment to visit Rensselaer go online to http admissions.rpi.educonnecting or call the admissions office at 518 276-6216. Special visiting days are scheduled throughout the year and other events are designated for transfer students and accepted students. For more information visit httpadmissions.rpi. eduundergraduateeventsindex.html. Come Visit Printed materials and Internet searching can tell you quite a lot about a school but there is no substitute for a campus visit. So please make plans to come and see us. When you do you can attend one of our information sessions go on a comprehensive campus tour learn more about our academic programs sit in a class if you choose to and find out more about why Rensselaer is the right school for you. NON PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE RENSSELAER Montreal Philadelphia Pittsburgh Boston NYC Toronto CANADA Rensselaer Admissions Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 110 8th Street Troy NY 12180-3590 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute complies with all federal state and local nondiscrimination laws and provides equal opportunities for all persons regardless of race color religion sex sexual orientation gender identity gender expression age marital status national origin citizenship status disability military status veteran status or any other basis prohibited by law. 2015 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. All rights reserved. Rensselaer at a Glance Rensselaer educates the leaders of tomorrow for technologically based careers. We celebrate discovery and the responsible application of technology to create knowledge and global prosperity. Schools Rensselaer offers more than 110 programs at the bachelors masters and doctoral levels. Undergraduates can choose from among 38 majors and more than 60 minors. School of Architecture School of Engineering School of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Lally School of Management School of Science Faculty Rensselaer faculty members include National Science Foundation Presidential Faculty Fellows members of the National Academy of Engineering the National Academy of Sciences and other eminent professional organizations. Enrollment Fall 2014 Undergraduate Students 5557 Resident Graduate Students 1204 Our students represent 49 states and 65 countries around the globe. Class of 2018 69 graduated in top 10 of high school class 14 awarded Rensselaer Medal SAT mid-50 range 1300-1490 A-B average high school GPA Student Life 23 varsity teams and more than 50 intramural and club sports. 200 student clubs and organizations operate under a student-controlled budget of 8 million. Location Rensselaer occupies a 275-acre hilltop campus overlooking the Hudson River in Troy New York. We are located in the heart of New Yorks Capital Region putting a world of cultural and recre- ational opportunities within reach. This area offers both a relaxed lifestyle and easy access to the high-energy metropolitan centers of the Northeast. Follow Us