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Rensselaer is made up of five distinct schoolsbut this should not imply boundaries. In fact a Rensselaer education is all about breaking down boundaries. Here youll join a learning community in which students and faculty members representing diverse academic interests collaborate across the disciplines. Scientists work with artists. Artists work with engineers. Engineers work with business students. Business students work with architects. Architects work with scientists and so the circle is unbroken. It is vital that we draw on the perspectives of multiple disciplines in order to make progress for our nation and the world. What is required is a new paradigm for teaching learning and research which we have termed The New Polytechnic. Using advanced technologies The New Polytechnic enables collaborations between talented people in order to address the complex problems the world faces. The five schools build upon each other to create a synergy that results in breakthrough thinking. In other words you become a person who sees the world in terms of connections not boundaries. 5schools make up Rensselaer The connections within and among these schools spur continual discovery. Science Architecture Engineering Humanities Arts and Social Sciences Lally School of Management this is rensselaer 6