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Every single person is a nerd and by that I mean ridiculously passionate about something whether its math science sports music video games or even the cheese tasting club or yarn bombing you name it. UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH Rensselaer is a research institute but unlike many such institutions it offers rewarding research opportunities to undergraduates starting as early as the first year. The Undergraduate Research Program URP will allow you to work on projects that could conceivably culminate in presentations at conferences or publication in scientific journals. Through URP youll work side-by-side with professors who can point out opportunities in the field and help you network. This work can also boost your income and bulk up your resume. The Summer Undergraduate Research Program SURP offers the chance for you to immerse yourself full time in research for a 10-week period. That means even closer ties to faculty and a 4000 stipend. Atypeofstreetartakaurbanknittingorgraffitiknittingthatemployscolorfuldisplaysofknittedorcrochetedyarnorfabricratherthanpaintorchalk. Todays nerd is yester- days individualist. At Rensselaer youll find an exhilarating celebration of The Nerd by people like Henry Blevins 15. Their only identifying mark Meeting the world on their own terms. Who says nerds have to wear taped- up glasses pocket protectors and high pants Ridiculously Passionate HENRY BLEVINS 15 Physics major Henry Blevins 15 wasnt sure exactly what he would be studying at Rensselaer when he arrived. I didnt know if I wanted to do physics or math or pre- med or computer science he said. But I took Computational Physics on a whim and I destroyed that class. Now my research is on computation material specifics running simulations with various nanomaterials. There are tons of potential materials and awesome tools to measure them. When Blevins isnt using his awesome tools he is generating confidence and enthusiasm among other students as an active member of Math Mentors. I love teaching says Blevins. Next fall Ill apply to graduate school. Id like to get a Ph.D. in computational physics and work as a research professor. As Blevins sees it Rensselaer has something for everyone. school of science 37