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The Right Fit KAYLYN BELL 14 BiochemistryBiophysics major Kaylyn Bell 14 is taking advantage of Rensselaers Accelerated B.S.Ph.D. program. Its really the right fit for me said Bell. Not only will I earn my Ph.D. in seven years but I will also get the opportunity to work in different labs to discover which area of research interests me the most. So far she has taken a particular interest in the genetics and molecular biology fields. She has done a series of lab rotations that have taken her from screening myosin mutants in Drosophilia to studying mammalian cell culture and cell migration through biomaterials like collagen to DNA damage repair in yeast cells. Outside of class Bell is an avid member of the Rensselaer dance team which performs at football and basketball games and is a member of Colleges Against Cancer and the Relay for Life Committee. She also enjoys her work with the Womens Mentor Program. RPI is a great place to be said Bell. Its a community of people who are committed to academics and have strong career goals. ACCELERATED PROGRAMS The School of Science offers dynamic and distinctive programs that allow students to gain advanced degrees in less time and with less expense PHYSICIAN-SCIENTIST PROGRAM This seven-year program offered jointly by Rensselaer and Albany Medical College allows qualified applicants to benefit from a unique science-based curriculum built upon the rich tradition of Rensselaers many years of technological innovation as well as Albany Medical Colleges similar tradition of leadership in health-care research. FLEXMED A new partnership between Rensselaer and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has brought forth this program which is designed for students interested in pursuing a medical degree at Icahn. Sophomore students in any major at Rensselaer apply for early acceptance with Icahn holding up to three spots each year in its FlexMed program for those who qualify. ACCELERATED B.S.PH.D. PROGRAM This allows students to transition directly into graduate studies earning a doctorate in seven years. The School of Sciences most recent program addition is a concentration in neuroscience. The field of neuroscience is highly interdisciplinary with scientists and engineers from many different backgrounds using multiple experimental approaches. The aim of the neuroscience concentration is to provide students from diverse majors with a foundation that can help them understand the inner workings of the human mind and nervous system investigate neurological disorders and determine if neurons can be stimulated to regrow their connections following neuronal degeneration or injury. Not only will I earn my Ph.D. in seven years but I will also get the opportunity to work in different labs to discover which area of research interests me the most. school of science 36