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Volume 6, No. 7, April 13, 2012
Mark Century

Rensselaer Inducts New Members Into Phalanx Honor

Rensselaer's Phalanx Honor Society celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. Twenty-five students were inducted into Phalanx and 19 students were inducted into the White Key Society, the junior honor society. Photo by Kris Qua.

Rensselaer Inducts New Members Into Phalanx Honor Society

Twenty-five students have been inducted into the Rensselaer Phalanx Honor Society for 2012. Phalanx honors student leadership, service, and devotion to the university, and celebrates those who have “worked to better the standing of Rensselaer both on and off campus.” New members are selected —or tapped—by the student members of Phalanx.

In remarks to the 2012 inductees and Phalanx alumni shared during the centennial dinner celebration, Rensselaer President Shirley Ann Jackson noted that Phalanx was the brainchild of the 1912 Rensselaer Student Council. “Its members realized that the best way to promote a rich extracurricular life on campus was to honor those who showed the most leadership in such activities. In other words, that long-ago Student Council understood the power of example,” President Jackson said. “Today, the Phalanx Society still sets the standard, leading the Rensselaer campuses into the 21st century and showing us all what is possible, if one is only idealistic and energetic enough.”

In addition, 19 students were inducted into the White Key Society, the junior honor society, for the promise they have shown as leaders as freshmen and sophomores.

“We congratulate our new Phalanx members and White Keys, and express our indebtedness to them for the many ways they serve Rensselaer and the larger community around us,” President Jackson said in her remarks delivered during the official tapping ceremony. “At the same time, we incur another debt, because we are asking them—indeed, counting on them—to be role models for our student body as a whole.”

“As a group, they have elevated the reputation of Rensselaer and shown us the way forward into the future,” President Jackson added. “The inductees have distinguished themselves in activities that range from volleyball, to tennis, to assisting local high schools, to RPI TV. A number of our inductees are prominent in Greek Life at Rensselaer. These fraternity and sorority members are among the most civic-minded people in the city of Troy. They are the kind of neighbors for which any sensible person fervently wishes, joining local community organizations and energetically performing community services.
They do as much to bridge the town/gown divide as any students on the Troy campus. For that, I am extremely grateful.”

The 2012 inductees are: Allison Ahn, Kathleen Alexandridis, Jenn Forsythe, Barry Fortuna, Michael Giehl, Chaz Goodwine, Brandon Graham, Casey Hoffman, Stacey Kurian, Brian Lewis, Corey Marshall, Natalie Maslow, Sayaka Masuko, Kyle Monahan, Christian Mu?oz, Courtney Nicholas, Brian Nock, Stephen Nock, Sarah Parks, James Petranik, Robert Sobkowich, Brent Solina, Jonathan Stack, Elaine Vavoules, and Evan Weinberg.

The White Key student inductees include: Kaori Bigler, Russell Brown, Elise Budd, Jay Cady, Charles Carletta, Matthew Cosman, Kathleen Dimilia, Kathleen Flynn, Christopher Girard, Shannon Holly, Megan Lamare, Elizabeth Plowman, Kierstan Ryan, Kari Shannon, Ian Szumila, Alice Theibault, Carla Toland, Hannah Trasatti, and Allison Welling.

Barbara Dean, executive assistant for the Division of Student Life; Leslie Lawrence, medical director for the Rensselaer Gallagher Student Health Center; Pat Rickert, administrative assistant in the School of Engineering; Larry Ruff, senior systems engineer in the School of Engineering; and Melissa Termine-Goetz, assistant director of student activities, were inducted into Phalanx as honorary members.

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Volume 6, Number 7, April 13, 2012
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