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Volume 6, No. 5, March 16, 2012

Rensselaer To Host 2012 Smartgeometry Conference
March 19-24

Rensselaer and the School of Architecture have announced that the 2012 Smartgeometry Conference (sg2012) will be held at the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) March 19-24.

The workshop and conference will be a gathering of the global community of innovators and pioneers in the fields of architecture, design, and engineering.

The event will be in two parts: a four-day workshop that will take place March 19-22 and a public conference that begins with a “Talkshop” on March 23, followed by a symposium on March 24. The event follows the format of the highly successful earlier conferences held in Barcelona (sg2010) and Copenhagen (sg2011).

According to the organizers, the sg2012 Challenge —Material Intensities—“is intended to dissolve our notion of the built environment as inert constructions enclosing physically sealed spaces. Spaces and boundaries are abundant with vibration, fluctuating intensities, shifting gradients and flows. The materials that define them are in a continual state of becoming: a dance of energy and information.”

The symposium will examine the year’s challenge. Invited keynote speakers will showcase major projects and research from around the globe that mark out the territory of the year’s challenge. The symposium is an opportunity to hear insights into the challenges ahead for the discipline.

Interwoven throughout the day will be reports and highlights from each workshop cluster, giving an opportunity to view work created during the previous four days of intensive collaboration, design, and development.

“The singular context of EMPAC (designed by British architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw) will be the site of conversations, design, and making by some of the world's leading practitioners of architecture, design, and engineering—coupled with the energy of Rensselaer students, and experts in fields of materials science, emergent forms, and design pedagogy,” said Michael Oatman, associate professor of architecture.

For more information, contact Demetrios Comodromos at or (518) 270-8389, or Anthony Titus at

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Inside Rensselaer
Volume 6, Number 5, March 16, 2012
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