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Volume 6, No. 2, February 3, 2012

Hartford Campus Offers Cohort
Programs Focused on Sustainability

This spring, the Hartford campus will offer two distinct Energy cohort programs with course content centered around sustainable development: the M.S. in Management with a Concentration in Sustainability and Clean Energy Management beginning March 3, and the M.S. in Engineering Science with a Concentration in Sustainable Environmental and Energy Engineering starting April 14. 

Students in the Management cohort will benefit from a focus on best practices in two of the most important concepts in business, science, and engineering today: sustainability and clean energy management. Participants will learn how sustainable development can create innovative solutions and systems that minimize the depletion of resources, eliminate the impacts of pollution and waste streams, and create sustainable success. Students will also explore clean energy management constructs including innovative approaches such as environmentally conscious solutions, green marketing techniques, and renewable energy systems.           

Upon completion of this degree, graduates will be effective leaders who have the knowledge and capabilities to orchestrate the design and development of new paradigms for inventing solutions and systems that exceed the needs, mandates, and expectations of the present and the future.

The Engineering Science program is aimed at developing, presenting, and nurturing key technical concepts and techniques required for the creation of technical, industrial, and life-style solutions that are in greater harmony with the environment. The program focuses on innovative solutions and systems through the use of leading technology that minimizes the depletion of resources and eliminates the impacts of pollution and waste streams.

Sustainable development focuses on the discovery of new and innovative energy sources, and the sustainable business models that allow new forms of energy to become viable and successful in the marketplace—from the origins of the raw materials and production processes, to the customer applications and end-of-life considerations.

To request more information about these cohorts, contact Clarence Byers, senior program manager, enrollment management and marketing, at (860) 548-2479 or For complete details and to begin the application process, visit and


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Volume 6, Number 2, February 3, 2012
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