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* Computer Science Students Win International Semantic Web Challenge
Computer Science Students Win International Semantic Web Challenge
Several computer science students took top honors at the 2009 Semantic Web Challenge help Oct. 25-29 in Washington, D.C. Graduate students Gregory Todd Williams, Jesse Weaver, and Medha Atre, as well as Senior Constellation Professor of the Tetherless World Research Constellation James Hendler, received first place in the “Billion Triples Track” competition with research that utilized the advance capabilities of the supercomputer within the Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations (CCNI).

Part of the International Semantic Web Conference, the Semantic Web Challenge pits some of the top and rising talents in Web science against each other in a competition to create ever-stronger tools to develop the next generation of the World Wide Web.

“We are excited as this win shows not just new capabilities for the Semantic Web, but also the new and innovative ways that the CCNI supercomputers can be used for data-intensive computations in emerging ‘eScience’ challenges,” said Hendler.

The winning Rensselaer entry used advanced programming and the CCNI to reveal how massive amounts of data, known as RDF data, that is spread over the current World Wide Web can be filtered and made more efficient during Internet searches and Web-site development. They then went a huge step further by showing how that data can be compressed for use on a regular computer operating system or other Web-enabled device.

The project, called “Scalable Reduction,” was chosen by a panel of 11 leading experts in academia and industry. The winners received a total cash prize of 2,750 Euros from the competition sponsor, Elsevier. The Billion Triples Track competition focuses on how to better utilize large data sets of low quality that are commonly found on the Web.

The students are all part of the Tetherless World Constellation.
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