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President Jackson To Co-Chair National Initiative on Energy Security, Innovation & Sustainability
Rensselaer President Shirley Ann Jackson will co-chair a national “Energy Security, Innovation & Sustainability Initiative” of the Council on Competitiveness. She will be joined by co-chairmen James W. Owens, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Caterpillar Inc., and D. Michael Langford, National President of Utility Workers Union of America, in the initiative designed to enhance U.S. competitiveness and energy security.

“Energy security and sustainability are the key linked global challenges and opportunities of our time,” President Jackson said. “Drawing on the synergy of business, academic, and labor leaders, we will outline a public-private action agenda to meet future energy needs in as an environmentally benign way as possible by accelerating university-based research, driving innovation, and thereby creating new opportunities for U.S. businesses and workers.”

The Council on Competitiveness will conduct a series of high-level expert dialogues to examine the competitiveness implications of today’s energy challenges and opportunities. Participants, representing a cross-section of leaders from major U.S. corporations, universities, and labor unions, will highlight the critical role private sector demand will play in moving the nation forward to a more secure and sustainable energy future.

“We have convened an extraordinary group of leaders and experts, engaged in energy security, innovation, and sustainability from a wide variety of vantage points, to bring focus to this critical challenge,” President Jackson said. “Given the urgency of the challenge, this is a propitious time for the Council on Competitiveness to launch such an initiative.”

The energy initiative is an outgrowth of the Council on Competitiveness’s National Innovation Initiative (NII), which produced the 2005 report Innovate America. Many of the recommendations in the NII report were incorporated in the America Creating Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote Excellence in Technology, Education and Science (COMPETES) Act enacted by the Congress on August 2, and signed into law by President Bush today. President Jackson was a principal in the NII, and Rensselaer hosted one of the three regional summits (September 2004) held in conjunction with the development of the report.

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