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In a variety of informative and entertaining discussions, the New Horizons Series speakers share their practical experiences, wisdom and perspectives.

These presentations are open to students, faculty, staff and the community.

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EVE for Alumni/aeEVE for Alumni/ae

There is nothing more exciting for a student then to wake up one morning to discover that they want to be an entrepreneur.

You probably had similar feelings when you were a student at RPI. Maybe you were lucky and found a faculty member who took you under their wing — or you were introduced to an alumni/ae who offered to help you further your creative idea.

As a successful business person you can use your talent and experience to help one of today’s students realize their dream of being a successful entrepreneur.

Here’s how.

The Emerging Ventures Ecosystem (EVE) is a multi-pronged program designed to help budding entrepreneurs vet business ideas and turn them into reality. You can be a big part of there success by volunteering to act as a mentor, advisor or coach.

EVE relies on experienced Alumni/ae who have the time and interest to serve on committees and advisory boards to help accelerate the growth of early stage companies. Companies that in many cases have licensed RPI technology or can trace their roots back to a class room project.

You may want to consider joining EVE as a member of the Advisory Board. The board will be comprised of a group of Alumni who are interested in working with early stage companies* (Seed and Emerging) to help accelerate their growth. As an advisory board member you would be asked to participate in the following ways:

  • Attend a quarterly review (probably day long meeting) session in Troy were each incubator company would make a 15-minute presentation outlining their accomplishments for the prior quarter and describing three or four goals that they would like to achieve the next quarter.
  • Members of the Advisory Board would provide feedback and offer direction to these companies as appropriate at that session.
  • In addition to the quarterly meetings each Advisory Board member would be asked to “adopt” at least one company where they would meet monthly with the CEO to review progress and offer guidance (this could be done over the phone).
  • The time commitment would vary based on the company’s stage of development and their needs.

*Pre-seed companies, student based conceptual companies, would be part of the Severino Center program and be supported the Center’s Entrepreneur(s) in Residence, faculty and advisors.

EVE will also be hosting a series of events in major metropolitan areas to showcase the participating companies technologies, services or products for potential investment opportunities. You may choose to attend one of these events to explore the possibility of investing in one of these companies as an Angel or if you represent a fund or more formal institutional investment.

You might also consider having your firm sponsor one of the EVE companies allowing them to co-locate in one of your facilities where they can be nurtured and mentored in a synergistic environment.

EVE is also creating a Help Desk to provide professional advice to early stage companies. Professional volunteers will be available by phone or in person to answer legal, accounting and marketing questions providing direction to entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in getting personally involved or supporting EVE in any way contact the EVE program director, Richard Frederick.

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